Mustang baseball wins third straight on the road

A home run was hit by Keyshawn Haire, bringing in Jacques and Sonny and making the score 3-0, bottom of the 4th.

On Tuesday Keyshawn Haire was dialed in and pitched six innings while giving up three earned (and one unearned) runs off five hits. He played a big game the last time he faced Crystal City, so the team probably should’ve seen him coming. As if that’s not impressive enough, the pitching appearance was his sixth in a row with more than five strikeouts. This season, Haire has been strong no matter where he plays. On the mound, he has an ERA of 2.33 over 27 innings pitched. Meanwhile, at bat he has slashed 0.483/0.573/0.733 with 24 RBI.
Haire and Natalia headed out on the road to challenge Cotulla on Friday. Natalia got just the result they wanted…