Warhorse and Arabian XC running strong, first meet Aug. 21 in Devine

Devine’s Cross Country teams continue preparing for their 2019 campaign with early and late morning practices leading up to next week’s mini-meet at the Devine Municipal Golf Course. Early on, all practices started before the sun came up but as we get closer to having to run competitively in the heat, we are beginning to practice more in the heat for the runner’s body to adjust to the difference slowly and, hopefully, safely.
Devine opens its season with a smaller-scrimmage type meet next Wednesday, August 21 in Devine. With several school districts already beginning classes at the time, the opportunity for many to get out on an instruction day so early in the year was understandably not an option.
The Warhorses and Arabian host 4 meets total this season, including the District 29-4A meet on Wednesday, October 16. The three meets in Devine before District are August 21, September 18, and October 2. With the opportunity for the runners to compete on the course multiple times should benefit us in the long run, no pun intended.
August 21
As stated, the August 21 meet is considered a mini-meet due to the relatively small number of teams racing compared to most regular season meets. Teams confirmed to this point are Harper, Pleasanton, Carrizo Springs, and Devine.
The first race is the JV girls at 8:30am followed by the Varsity girls at 8:50am. The JV boys run at approximately 9:10am with the Varsity boys ending the competitions at 9:30am. There will be a brief Awards Ceremony at 10:00am.
Volunteers needed
With so many meets in Devine this season, volunteers are needed to help in various aspects. Course monitors who stand at designated spots to ensure runners are turning at the correct spots and staying on course are the biggest needs. Anyone living by the golf course could simply walk out their back door, stand near their fence that lines the course, and monitor from there.
Volunteers are needed beginning at 8:15am and will need to stay until approximated 10:00am on the 21st. If interested, please contact me at jerel.beaty@devineisd.org to receive further information.
Drinks, please
Keeping runners hydrated is a big concern for all coaches. We see what they drink at practice and right before and after competition, but we do not see what they drink throughout the eight-hour school day. Waters, Gatorades, chocolate milk, and rehydrating sports drinks are vital to a runner’s success and recovery.
If you would like to donate anything from a case of water to a six-pack Vitamin water to a gallon of chocolate milk, please contact me at jerel.beaty@devineisd.org.
Thank you parents
As we close out most of our earrrrrr-ly morning practices, I have to give a shout-out to the parents for getting their child to practice on time for the last two weeks or so. Getting kids up and out of bed in the summer is usually a difficult task anyway, but getting them up when there is still a “5” leading that day’s time I’m sure adds to that difficulty.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer