Truck plunges below bridge on I-35

A truck driver was traveling northbound on Interstate 35 around 8:42am last Wednesday, January 13th when he veered to the left, plowing down the guardrail for about 15 feet before running down concrete embankment between N and S bound lane bridges.
The truck came to a stop only when the cab hit the bottom, but luckily the driver escaped without injury.
The soft dirt, and the fact that his box truck was empty, slowed him down enough not to do any more damage.
It is reported that the driver fell asleep at the wheel. He stated on scene that he was only about 20 minutes from his next stop, and he appeared to be very relieved that no one else was hurt in the terrible accident.
DPS responded as well as Devine Vol Fire Dept. Volunteer firefighters responding for Devine VFD were: Greg Atkinson, Daniel Ehlinger, Richard Hitchcock, Shelly Watson, and Ethan Yanta.

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