Weekly dose of Lytle P.D.

I’m happy to bring you your weekly dose of Lytle P.D. news, so let’s get started. Your officers managed 61 calls for service and conducted 82 traffic stops. Of those stops, 58 resulted in a citation, and 24 were warnings.

Did we have any property crimes reported last week? Yes, we had one. Lytle Loft self-storage reported two units were damaged, and it’s unknown what was stolen at this time. The suspect entered the facility at 5:40 AM on Sunday. He was in a U-Haul truck that had yet to be reported stolen. We also had one complainant report that her TV bill was too high! If that were the case, I would like to report that all my bills seem too high.
Did we arrest anyone last week? Yes, we did. We had 6 arrests last week. #1 – Officers attempted to stop a stolen vehicle on Main St. which led to a pursuit. Officers terminated the pursuit and notified Medina Co. A brief time later Medina Co. S.O. located the vehicle and initiated a pursuit. They headed back into Lytle on FM 463 and stopped and bailed out as Capt. Dear was approaching them near the intersection of FM 463 and FM 2790. Medina Co. followed another vehicle traveling with them and it was stolen as well, they recovered it. The male driver fled on foot and was not captured, but the 28-year-old female passenger fled on foot and was arrested. A 2004 Chevrolet pickup was recovered. The female was booked into the Medina Co. Jail. #2 – Ofc. A. Lopez initiated a traffic stop on Main St. for a vehicle with no headlights. He discovered the 1996 Dodge P/U was stolen and the pursuit was on. Ofc. A. Lopez and Capt. M. Dear apprehended the suspect in the Twin Lakes subdivision. The driver, a 54-year-old male, was charged with numerous felonies and was booked into the Medina Co. Jail. Both our stolen recoveries were older vehicles, a 1996 and a 2004! I guess vehicles are so high that even the crooks can’t afford to steal a new one.
Arrest #3 & #4 – A traffic stop on Main St. resulted in the arrest of a 29-year-old female for possession of a controlled substance. A 41-year-old female was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia. #5 – A traffic stop on FM 2790 N. resulted in the arrest of a 40-year-old male on an active warrant out of Bexar Co. for discharging a firearm in a municipality. #6 – Ofc. J. Cortez observed a vehicle run a stop sign (FM 3175 @ IH-35 Access Rd.) at a high rate of speed, almost striking another vehicle. He initiated a traffic stop and found the driver to be intoxicated. A 24-year-old male was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.
What else is going on? We assisted Medina Co. S.O. on a pursuit last Monday. The vehicle had both front tires deflated in Natalia, so I figured it wouldn’t make it this far north, but I was wrong. The guy was northbound on IH-35 and exited Lytle; he then got back on 35 and then rammed a Medina Co. Sheriff’s patrol vehicle just north of the city limits. He jumped out of his vehicle and ran into the brush; Sgt. David Lopez promptly followed him and took him into custody with the help of a DPS Trooper. Scenes like that are tough; you must worry about the suspect and all the interstate traffic.
Never a dull moment around here, we are fortunate to have a good team of officers who are out there doing their best. My job isn’t easy either, just last week a lady brought in a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls. I stood my ground and resisted the temptation.