No complaints.

Had some good weather lately but, not a lotta rain to go with it. Couple Sundays ago, we got 9 tenths and yesterday, we got one tenth. No complaints. Our daughter and son-in-law got over a full foot of rain last week in Magnolia, Texas. Nickie said she had to dump her rain gauge a couple of times and lost the true measurement.

We had a few practice elections this past week and, as usual, the turnout was pathetic. Natalia ISD voters get an F+ for their efforts. Only 117 people turned out to vote on a couple School Bonds. They get the “+” because both passed. Devine voters got their usual D-…Devine scored higher because there are less voters per District than in the larger Natalia ISD.
If there is not a whole lot of interest generated before the November 5th Elections, God help us. The USA will no longer be the model country that others wish that they could be. We will be a Socialist country run by the people who have made millions by stealing from the tax money that we are required by law to send them.
Has anybody noticed what is happening on College Campuses around the country? And these are the ones that are demanding that their Student Loan debt be cancelled. The current Administration is doing all that it can to buy votes…placating students with promises of owing nothing for borrowing untold amounts to fund their worthless degrees, allowing illegal aliens to vote and even eliminating candidates from the ballot (much like Russia and China).
Here is my solution to the problems facing regular working people today. Enforce the laws on the books already concerning illegal immigration. Use deportation to the fullest extent. Those college students causing all the problems…if they are here on a student visa, send them home as soon as they can drag them to a plane and take off. Those from countries south, send them to the southern border and watch them walk south across the bridge (border). Suspend the others and require ALL those who borrowed money to pay it back.
Maybe some of these Hamas sympathizers can be exported to Iran or Lebanon or even China and take their demands with them. See how long it takes them to be thrown off a building or become target practice for a firing squad.
Due to the shape of our economy now, my grandchildren will never be able to own a home. Interest rates are right at 7% and without both spouses working full time jobs…and a little extra, there is only enough money left to eat on.
Taxes and insurance are cancerous tumors that no one is willing to kill or even shrink a little. See where Jake just bought a sports stadium out west. We really needed something like that to pay for.
Other countries are openly laughing at the US and I’m tired of it…at least I can say that I grew up in the USA when it was truly a place to achieve the American Dream. Continue to pray for rain.