Sibling group of 8 seeking forever home

What a blessing it would be if a family would open their hearts and their home to these sweet siblings, so that they may stay together.
Xiomara is 14 and the oldest sister. She is an ambitious and very outgoing teenager who loves to express her feeling through poetry and jokes. She loves to learn about the things around her daily life and really enjoys math and reading at school.

Fernanda,is 12 and likes to listen to music and sing and currently takes part in choir. And her hobbies include cooking and creating art. She also likes to show her creative side and style her hair in different ways.
10 year old Dayna is sweet and enjoys laughing while being around others her own age. She loves painting her nails. Dayna enjoys animals and dreams of having have pets of her own someday.
Sofia who is 8 years old is adventurous and helpful. She enjoys being around others. She loves to dance around and play with her toys. A fun pair of facts about Sofia– she loves to go for walks and really enjoys eating vegetables.
8 year old Victor is playful and curious about his surroundings, as he loves to play outside and enjoys to run. Victor likes to play with his little brother and being outside so he can explore. He does very well at school and is bi-lingual in English and Spanish.
Gerardo who is 5, is a fan of Disney movies and likes to play outdoors and like children his age, he is not afraid to get dirty. Like his sister, he says someday he would like having a pet.
4 year old Dulce is all smiles and hugs and loves to play with her baby dolls and her little sister. Dulce likes anything pink and enjoys looking at picture books.
And the youngest is 2 year old Victoria, who is loving and happy child who really likes watching Disney movies, with Minnie mouse being her favorite character.
Victoria like her older siblings is seeking forever parents who will adopt them all together as a family and make life long memories together as one big family.
If you think you could be the forever parents to this sibling group, or for another Texas child, please contact the department at 1-800-233-3405, for more information about adoption or where you can also find a schedule of online public information meetings, where you can learn more about the foster/adoption program. You can also email and we will pass your info onto the caseworker.