Paws Country Spa

Local business woman, Angie Morales opened Paws Country Spa in February to offer a high-quality groomer locally, and her business has pulled out all the stops.
“I had to go all the way to San Antonio for grooming,” Angy Morales said. “But then, I met our groomer Sarah. I hired right away, and started Paws. Now we offer everything. Nails, washing, summer cuts, we even can paint dogs nails and give them little color designs. All right here in Natalia.”
Paws aims to offer the most modern grooming experience for both dog and owner.
” We’re going to be offering a line of CBD products safe for animal use. They’re great for joint pain in older cats and dogs, or even relaxing pets who get easily excited,” Morales said. ” We’re also going to install ADT cameras like the ones used in daycare, so that an owner can watch after their animals care, in person or not. Nowadays, people have fur babies instead of kids, so we understand how important these dogs wellbeing is to their parents.”
Along with Paws making sure it offers all the assistance it can to its customers, they’ve also took a vested interest in the communities small business.
“To grow our business and help others , we started inviting other local entrepreneurs to come and set up shop with us on Saturdays. Last week, we had a lady bring in candles to display and sell, and this weekend were having Lily’s Treats come with her homemade cookies and treats for dogs and their owners,” Morales said. “There is plenty of business to go around, so were happy to help people sell their wares.”
By Noah Davila