New changes in staff at Devine ISD

Devine ISD kicked off the new school year on the first day of in service with a nice breakfast, and program in the DSAC on Monday, August 15 for it’s entire staff of 300+ employees.
The day started out with a breakfast in the cafeteria of tacos, fruit, danish, coffee, juice and water. Tacos were donated this year again by local businessman Mark Kidd and his office at State Farm. Kidd welcomed and thanked the teachers and staff for all they do for kids and the community.
Pastor Lenard Dossey shared a prayer and some inspirational moments as a parent, teacher, preacher and days in the behavioral classroom as an aide sharing thoughts like… “Attitude and values are caught more than taught! As a mentor and teacher you walk the talk! Respect and TLC (Tender Loving Care), buff and polish go along ways.” He also shared a profound moment when a recent high school graduation presented him a rose and thanked him saying, “You had the most influence on my education than anyone, thank you.” When questioned the graduate recalled a moment in the second grade when Dossey had showed him respect by help ing him out of a heated moment and taking the time to sit and talk in a quiet place. Throughout his education over the last 10 years he always treated me with respect and I him, he never gave me any trouble like some others experienced.
Superintendent Scott Sostarich and all of the department heads introduced all the new teachers, staff members and support team members.
Below is the long list of resignations, new employees, retirees, changes.

Resignations/New Employees
Abigail Beadle replaced Glenda Allen as Director of Special Programs
Kailyn Rotramel replaced Abigail Beadle as High School English Teacher
Claude Johnson replaced Kailyn Rotramel as Middle School Spec Ed Teacher
Heather Miller resigned as 2nd grade teacher and was replaced by Deborah Ornelas
Cassandra Eads replaced Deborah Ornelas as 1st Grade teacher
Elsa DeLos Santos replaced Cassandra Eads as Speech Therapist
Kimberly Lane resigned as Elementary PE Teacher/Coach and was replaced by Kailee Ramirez
Mark Feltner resigned as Elementary Spec Ed Teacher and was replaced by Silvia Martinez
Delilah Castillo is new High School Science Teacher (position was not filled last year)
Michael Basaldua resigned as High School Spec Ed Teacher and was replaced by Tobey Tomblin
Jackie Martin resigned as High School Science Teacher and was replaced by Marisol Rangel-Garcia
Hannah Thompson replaced Khera Vay as High School English Interventionist/Coach
Hannah Thompson was reassigned to replace Nicole Suhr who resigned as High School Math Teacher
Marta Robles replaced Hannah Thompson as DMS ELAR Teacher
Rebecca Meek resigned as High School Social Studies Teacher and was replaced by Tammy Bishop
Shari Dishman resigned HS Math, position still open
David Esch retired as 3rd grade teacher and was replaced by Lindy Teetsel
Lindsey Shipley resigned as Intermediate Spec Ed Teacher and was replaced by Connie Hohon
Charla Ritchie resigned as Intermediate Spec Ed Teacher and was replaced by Andrea Hay
Heather Gonzales replaced Andrea Hay as Intermediate Behavior Unit Teacher
Regina McKinney resigned as 3rd grade teacher and was replaced by Breana Hartley
Jonathan Darnell resigned MS ELAR, position will not be filled
Megan Perez resigned as MS ELAR Teacher, and was replaced by Michael Fuller
Kristi Brogdon resigned as MS Math Teacher and was replaced by Dianna Jeffers
Tiffany Balencia resigned as MS Science Teacher and was replaced by Jennifer Wilkins
Alejandra Esqueda resigned as LSSP and was replaced by Johanna Heath
Nina Villanueva resigned as LSSP and position will not be filled
New position, ARD Facilitator, Heidi Garcia
New position, ARD Facilitator, Lauren Stacy
Gloria Fernandez retired as Intermediate Campus Secretary and was replaced by Sunnie Jass
Valencia Lowe replaced Sunnie Jass as Intermediate instructional aide
Diane Bratton hired as Bus Driver (position was vacant last year)
Abigail Guajardo resigned as MS Computer Lab instructional Aide and was replaced by Kim Brown
Stephanie Cristo replaced Maria Solis as custodian
Elias Hernandez replaced Jennifer Shed as custodian
Anna Ortiz retired as Elementary Principal’s Secretary and was replaced by Erica Camacho
Sandra Johnson, for new position as Elementary Spec Ed Aide
Josefa Gutierrez replaced Courtney Korczynski as Elementary spec ed aide
Jennifer Puente replaced Josefa Gutierrez as Pre-K Bus Aide
Kami Guzman replaced Tisha Peterson as HS Spec Ed Aide
Samantha Garcia replaced Samantha Erwin as Intermediate School Spec Ed Aide
Cheryl Lorraine hired for new MS spec ed aide position
Enrique Rodriguez replaced Dahlia Hoover as custodian
Scott Bullard hired as custodian
Monseis Perez resigned as High School Spec Ed Aide and position is still open