National Night Out canceled

If you are looking for a weekly update on police activity in Lytle…you hit the jackpot. So we handled 59 calls for service, out of those we got a whopping one property crime and one arrest.
A Blume Dr. resident reported that someone stole two rings valued at a total of $600. The resident was having a garage sale and a customer must have “lifted” them. On a side note, my 12-year-old son bought one of those manual push mowers at the same garage sale. He is getting a big kick out of using it and I am getting a big kick out of not having to mow the yard.
Okay, now for the arrest. Capt. Reyes was dispatched to Lytle-Somerset St. for a report of someone “passed out” by the side of the road. Capt. Reyes located an intoxicated male, who thought he was in Cotulla. With no one to pick him up, Reyes booked him into the Atascosa Co. Jail on a charge of Public Intoxication.
So that is about it for police activity, so you really just hit a little jackpot this week.
Bealls is officially closed; our only department store is no more. Saturday was their last day. I guess the company has been having problems, I believe our store did very well though. They had a lot of good deals and always seemed to stay busy. So now we have a big, nice vacant building. Maybe we will get lucky and get something else nice in there. It would make a really good buffet restaurant; I bet you could seat about 500 people in there.
There will be no National Night Out event this year in Lytle, another COVID-19 casualty. I think that our NNO event is listed #3 on major cancellations – right behind Fiesta and the Strawberry Festival. Or maybe that was a dream I had, I’m not sure.
With the lack of police activity to report on, I am forced to include “Where I Went Last Week”. For the first time ever, my family made a trip to Garner State Park. I heard people talk about it for years and my wife grew up going to Alto Frio in Leaky. So she passed by the turnoff many times. Wow, that place is huge….we all had a great time. It’s a really good day trip. I didn’t realize that it is one of the most visited state parks in Texas. It wasn’t crowded at all, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions. There were a lot of people camping out. It didn’t look too fun to me, but this is 2020 and who knows…I might even become one of those campout kind of people.