Cat and mouse

Sometimes little Tucker wakes up as Super Grouch, whining and crying for thirty minutes. Other days, he wakes up like a ray of sunshine. He’ll roll out of bed and come marching down the hallway to me and announce “It’s me! It’s Tucky! I’m Here!” pointing to himself proudly, standing there in his diaper. He’s just as cute as a Huggies commercial.
Seeing him smiling ear to ear, I reply “Oh good! I was hoping that was you coming down the hallway!” What a sweetie he can be.
Big sissy has completed her first full week of Remote Learning. Grandma still got her a backpack and lots of fun school supplies, etc. Things get a little extra wild when she leaves her backpack lying around the house (with her little laptop inside it), because baby brother is always on the prowl for a good chase. I don’t know whether to call them brother and sister or cat and mouse. He’ll pick it up, she screams to the high heavens and gives chase, and he takes off running like he’s got a piece of cheese.
I’m going to be deaf soon from the shrieking children. They can scream like no other. How can such a shrill, loud, deafening sound come from such cute, adorable, little packages?
Well, nap time’s over, and guess who’s coming down the hallway….It’s Tucky!