Natalia Police Report Dec. 6-15

Dec. 6
10:45 AM – Officer responded to the back of Love’s Truck Stop for a male subject starting a fire. Officers went to see if they could locate the subject and was told by a Love’s employee he took off running towards the Dollar General. The male subject was located and given a criminal trespass by the Love’s shop manager.
Dec. 8
9:39 PM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop about a civil matter. Officer made contact with both parties. Officer stated the issue was over a sale of a horse that the complainant made with the seller while his wife was in jail. Officer explained to both parties all matters needed to be handled through JP court before a judge.
Dec. 9
8:19 AM – Officers responded to the 500 block of Aubrey St. to assist the chief of police on a possible animal cruelty call. There were some dogs on the property that had already perished. The Medina County Animal Control officer was called out to assist with three dogs that were still on property and needed to be transported to the Natalia dog kennels. Case is pending on the dog owner.
6:59 PM – Officer responded to Dollar General for a strong odor of smoke and possible fire. Natalia Fire was dispatched out, while the officer went and attempted to locate the source after speaking to the store manager. Officer was unable to locate the source and stood by while the Natalia VFD arrived on scene and investigated the strong odor of smoke. The source was unable to be located, so the store was safe to resume business.
10:20 PM – Officers received a call that Frio County Sheriff’s Office and Border Patrol was in pursuit of a red Chevrolet pickup truck. Officers blocked off Exit 127 northbound to keep it from going into the city. The truck passed the officers at a dangerously high rate of speed. Officers followed as best they could, but was unable to keep up, so they exited in Lytle, returning back to Natalia.
Dec. 10
9:39 PM – Officers responded to the 1800 block of Hwy. 132 for a disturbance. Officers arrived on scene and spoke to a male suspect. The suspect was later checked for warrants and came back wanted out of Medina County Sheriff’s Office for assault family violence with bodily injury. The warrant was confirmed and the male subject was transported to the Medina County Jail.
Dec. 13
3:43 PM – Officer responded to the 200 block of 8th St. about giving a male subject a criminal trespass for his property. Officer made contact with the homeowner and advised the man he let stay in his backyard is possibly taking things from his yard and wants to give him a criminal trespass. Officer gave the male subject a criminal trespass and he agreed he wouldn’t go back on the property.
Dec. 15
4:55 PM – Officer responded to the 3800 block of Hwy. 132 in Lytle to assist Medina County deputies with a physical disturbance in progress. Officer arrived on scene first and observed a Hispanic male subject sitting on the ground with blood on his left arm. Officer called for EMS to make the scene and check out the male subject. Deputies arrived on scene and took over the scene. Officer stood by until he was released. Officer collected his information and went back in service.