Meet Christian

Christian is an adventurous and smart eight year old boy, who enjoys staying busy and loves to participate in extracurricular activities. Christian attends a boys and girls club, where he has easily made friends and enjoys playing basketball and soccer. In school, math is his favorite subject.
Christian likes maintaining his monster truck collection and just recently added a shark monster truck to the collection, a collection he is very proud to show to other children and adults who are interested.
Like most boys his age, Christian enjoys spending time playing video games and watching funny YouTube videos. He is also not a picky eater, and is always willing to try new foods. But if there is a chance to eat out – he loves pizza and enjoys going to Chuck E. Cheese or Peter Piper Pizza.
For his forever family, Christian desires to have two loving parents, and a dog with whom he can enjoy a walking at the park. Christian would also like to have his own room where he will have space to start new collections.
If you could be Christian’s forever family or for another Texas child, you can call 1-800-233-3405 for more information or log onto the web at