Meet Alejandra, Jorge, Nicole, and Marco

Meet Jorge
Meet Alejandra, Nicole, and Marco

Alejandra who is the oldest at 16 excels in school and is an A student, where she particularly enjoys studying photo journalism at school. Alejandra would like to be a photographer when she graduates from school. Alejandra easily makes friends and she enjoys socializing with her peers. Alejandra has a strong bond with her siblings and is very protective of them.
Jorge is a charming 15 year old. Jorge does well in school and his favorite food is pizza and says he could eat pizza everyday if he had the opportunity. Jorge also enjoys playing football and his favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. Jorge easily makes friends with his peers, and enjoys spending time with them after school.
Fourteen year old Nicole is a very bright & happy girl who makes friends easily, as she is a very personable. One of Nicole’s unique qualities is that she loves telling jokes and is often described as a practical joker by those closest to her. At school she is an A-B students who also takes part in Cross Country & Track. Nicole is very bonded with her siblings.
Marco who is the youngest at 13 always has a bright smile and happy attitude. Marco looks up to his older siblings, and enjoys spending time with them. At school, not only does he make friends easily, he is also an A honor roll student, and participates in school athletics. Like his older brother Marco also loves pizza!
If you think you could the forever family for these four … or for another Texas child, log onto the web at or call 1-800-233-3405 for more information on foster care & adoption in Texas.