Lytle Police Report July 9-15

July 9
12:11 AM – Officer responded to FM 3175 at Meadow Book to assist Atascosa Co. with a crash.
3:38 AM – Officer responded to HEB C-Store for a report of a stolen vehicle. The vehicle was later recovered.
9:30 AM – Officer responded to 15300 Blk. of Cottage St. to unlock a vehicle.
6:20 PM – Officer was advised by Atascosa Co. that the 1999 Ford Explorer that was reported stolen earlier in the day. The vehicle was recovered by Bexar Co.
7:11 PM – Officer responded to 19100 Blk. of N. Somerset St. for a report of an open back door. It was determined that complainant accidentally left the door unsecured. No sign of criminal activity.
July 10
12:30 PM – Officer responded to 19200 Blk. of First St. for a report of a welfare check. Officer checked the home with no answer.
12:50 PM – Officer responded to 19200 Blk. of First St. for a report of a welfare check. Officer arrived with complainant and found subject asleep.
1:48 PM – Officer responded to 17900 Blk. of Wisdom Rd. for a report of an assault. Upon arrival, officer met with complainant who stated that he was the victim of a simple assault by contact. Case under investigation.
9:00 PM – Officer responded to 19200 Blk. of First St. for a report of a stolen vehicle. Further investigation revealed that the vehicle had been borrowed.
10:29 PM – Officer responded to IH 35 SB at Mile Marker 132 for a report of a one vehicle rollover. The driver was not on scene upon officer’s arrival. The vehicle was towed away.
July 11
4:58 AM – Officer responded to Whataburger for a report of a suspicious person. Officer identified the male and provided a courtesy ride back home.
9:50 AM – Officer responded to 15600 Blk. of CR 681 for a report of a residential alarm.
11:30 AM – Officer responded to John Lott Park for a welfare check on a male caller. All was fine, subject was picked up by his mother.
12:20 PM – Officer responded to 19800 Blk. of Bruce St. to assist Atascosa EMS with a patient.
12:30 PM – Officers assisted an elderly individual by contacting a family member to pick him up.
1:00 PM – Officer responded to IH 35 NB at Mile Marker 131 for a report of unrestrained children in a vehicle traveling northbound. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was issued a citation for Fail to Secure Child in Safety Seat System.
1:50 PM – Officer responded to CR 6840 at CR 6841 and conducted a welfare check on an elderly female who was parked and looked lost.
4:30 PM – Officer responded to HEB Plus for a report of a disturbance between a male and female in the parking lot. Officer searched the area, unable to locate.
4:45 PM – Complainant talked to officer and reported she suspected that her VIZIO TV may have been pawned at El Bufalo Pawn by her ex-brother-in-law. The complainant has filed a report with Frio Co. SO. Officer checked El Bufalo Pawn but there was no record.
5:30 PM – Officer returned call to complainant who was reporting a possible theft. Officer left a voice message to complainant.
6:15 PM – Officer talked to complainant who reported an incident in an examining room involving a parent who grabbed a child and aggressively put the child down in a chair.
7:20 PM – Officer responded to The Washateria to unlock a vehicle.
July 12
12:08 AM – Officer responded to 19700 Creek St. for a report of suspicious activity. All was fine.
6:15 AM – Officer responded to Hacienda Jalisciense and talked to complainant who reported that her husband who was recently arrested for Family Violence had followed her to work and caused a scene. Officer advised complainant to seek a Protective Order.
12:05 PM – Officer responded to HEB C-Store for a report of a male panhandling for change. Officer checked the area, unable to locate.
3:00 PM – Officer responded to 15300 Blk. of Main St. to assist a motorist with directions.
5:20 PM – Complainant talked to officer in reference of a truck complainant was buying being stolen from San Antonio and seen in the Lytle area. The truck was reported stolen by the owner, complainant wanted the police to know and keep an eye out for the truck.
8:07 PM – Officer responded to 18500 Blk. of FM 2790 N for a report of a theft of a fridge that was outside of complainant’s garage.
9:15 PM – Officer discovered a stolen vehicle on CR 6840, Medina Co. SO took custody of the suspects and the vehicle.
9:58 PM – Officer responded to 12200 Blk. of FM 476 to assist Atascosa Co. SO with a major accident.
July 13
1:01 AM – Officer responded to 13600 Blk. of Greenwood Rd. to assist Lytle Vol. Fire Dept. with an activated fire alarm at a residence.
1:32 AM – Officer responded to Brown’s Tackle & Gun for a report of an alarm. Officer found the building to be secure.
2:12 AM – Officer responded to Lytle Jr. High Gym for a report of a fire alarm. Officer located an unsecured door and checked interior. No signs of criminal activity noted, the door was properly secured.
3:54 AM – Traffic stop at 14900 Blk. of Main St. resulted a 15 YO female being cited for curfew violation.
3:00 PM – Report of tree limbs in the roadway on Benton St.
4:30 PM – Officer spoke with a complainant about another person that was bothering them.
5:45 PM – Officer made contact with the driver and determined he was fatigued.
6:30 PM – Disturbance in the lobby of the Days Inn. The people causing a disturbance left prior to the arrival of the officer.
7:00 PM – Officers attended the wrap up of Calvary Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School. Approx. 40 kids were in attendance, they checked out the police car and asked Capt. Reyes lots of questions.
11:15 PM –Officer was unable to locate any disturbance at HEB Plus.
July 14
2:05 AM – Officer responded to Houston St. to a domestic disturbance, it was all verbal. No offense committed.
2:15 AM – Officer assisted BCSO w/a suspicious vehicle on Rippling Brook.
2:45 PM – Contact was made with a reckless driver. No offense in City of Lytle, complainant was referred to Bexar Co. S.O.
3:15 PM – Officer arrived at Lytle-Somerset St. and discovered a mother and son were arguing over the use of a vehicle. No offense occurred.
4:15 PM – Residential Alarm in the 18000 Blk. FM 2790 N. False alarm, all was okay.
9:05 PM – Suspicious Vehicle at Bruce St. Officer was cancelled prior to arrival.
9:20 PM – Suspicious Person at Whataburger Officer located a female asking people for money.
July 15
12:25 AM – Traffic Obstruction at Somerset St. @ Adams St. A large oak tree fell onto the road. Lytle Public Works was notified and cleared the roadway.
12:59 AM – Officer responded to Gray St. and initiated a criminal investigation.
8:30 AM – A juvenile was processed and later transported to the Atascosa Co. Juvenile Detention Center.
11:25 AM – Officer responded to a report of a vehicle parked in the fire lane at HEB.
11:50 AM – Officers assisted Lytle EMS with a patient at the EMS Station.
12:46 PM – Vehicle Lockout at Bill Miller’s BBQ. The vehicle was unlocked.
1:00 PM – Officer took a report of missing/stolen front license plate on Hidalgo St.
3:36 PM – Report of a small unattended child on Office St.
5:36 PM – Officer responded to 400 Hummingbird Lane to assist Atascosa Co. with a physical disturbance.
6:16 PM – Officer contacted a female walking on foot on Diaz St. and Hwy. 132. The female talked to officer in reference to reporting a stolen vehicle. The complainant stated her estranged boyfriend stole her vehicle and she wanted it back. Officer explained the process of reporting a vehicle stolen, complainant then became uncooperative and decided to not report the vehicle stolen.
11:55 PM – Officer responded to HEB C-Store to assist Lytle Vol. Fire Dept. with a bush on fire.