Lytle kids place in Atascosa County 2022 Livestock Show; Boyd, Conover, Duty earn Championships

Riley Ricord, 3rd grade at Lytle Elementary, showed two pigs at the Atascosa County Stock Show with Lytle 4H. He placed 13th with his Duroc named Aggie and 14th with his Cross named Midnight.
Juliana Center, Lytle HS freshman, placed 7th with her goat at the Atascosa County Livestock Show.

The following Lytle students placed in the Atascosa County Jr Livestock Show this year:
Kasen Boyd, Lytle 4-H earned Grand Champion in Broilers
Zachary Miller, Lytle 4-H took 7th in Market Turkeys
Rylynn Null, Lytle FFA, took 1st and 2nd in Beeding Heifers- American Summer Sr. Heifer
Coltyn Dean, Lytle 4-H, took 2nd in Class 1 Charolais Steers
Gerald Naegelin, Lytle 4-H, took 4th in Class 2 Charolais Steers and 4th in Class 2 Exotic Steers
Klaryre Cook, Lytle FFA, took 5th in Class 2 Charolais Steers
Wyatt Johnson, Lytle FFA, took 3rd in Class 2 Brahman
Case Conover, Lytle FFA, earned the Championship in Class 3 Exotic Steers and also took 3rd place
Christian Schroeder- Lytle 4-H, took 5th and 15th in Market Rabbits
Avery Patterson, Lytle FFA- took 19th in Rabbits
Sebastian Garcia, Lytle FFA- took 20th in Rabbits
Martina Ytuarte, Lytle FFA- took 21st place in Rabbits
Lilian Evans, Lytle 4-H- took 23rd place in Rabbits
Julyana C Frausto, Lytle 4H- took 24th place in Rabbits
Klayre Cook, Lytle 4H took 30th place in Rabbits
Kolbi Perkins, Lytle 4H- took 36th place in Rabbits, and 9th in Class 1 Hamp, 5th in Intermediate Swine Skillathon
Juliana Center, Lytle- took 7th in Class 2 Market Goats
Cashlynn Harvey, Lytle- took 3rd in Lt. Medium Wool Lambs and 4th place in Lt. Southdown; she also earned 3rd place in Int. Lamb Showmanship
Bryson Duty, Lytle FFA- earned the Championship title in Sr. Swine Showmanship, and also took 4th in Class 3 Dark OPB Swine, and 3rd in Class 3 Duroc, and he earned the Championship title in Class 4 Hamps, 3rd in Class 6 Cross
Mariano Davila, Lytle- took 5th in Class 1 Dark OPB Market Swine
Sophia Solano, Lytle- took 7th in Class 1 Dark OPB Market Swine, and 2nd in Class 1 Hamp Swine
Justin Evans, Lytle- took 11th in Class 1 Dark OPB Market Swine
Zane Davenport, Lytle- took 11th in Class 2 Dark OPB Swine
Bryson Dean, Lytle took 8th in Class 3 Dark OPB Swine, 6th in Class 3 Light OPB
Gerald Naegelin, Lytle- took 12th in Class 3 Dark OPB Swine
Luciano Mireles, Lytle- took 14th in Class 2 Duroc Swine
Riley Ricord, Lytle- took 13th in Class 3 Duroc, 14th in Class 1 Cross
Samuel Muraira, Lytle-took 10th in Class 4 Duroc
Anissa Perez, Lytle-took 8th in Class 1 Hamp
Allison Marshall, Lytle-took 11th place in Class 2 Hamp
Ljiljana Georgiev, Lytle-took 12th place in Class 2 Hamp
Ariel Martin, Lytle- took 18th in Class 3 Hamp
Benjamin Duty, Lytle- earned 1st place in Class 1 York
Colt Halton, Lytle- took 8th in Class 1 Cross
Wyatt Johnson, Lytle- took 11th in Class 1 Cross
Kristin Coldewey, lytle- took 14th in Class 5 Cross
Mariano Davila, Lytle-took 11th in Class 6 Cross