Lady Pirates beat Poth, lead district

After falling to Cotulla on Tuesday, the Lady Pirates knew that Friday’s game would decide their future. Beating Poth 51-35, Lytle moved into first place and are holding the best playoff spot right now. At 23-9 for the season and 13-2 in district, Lytle played their final district game in Dilley last night. The last time they faced Dilley they won 83-25.
The Lady Pirates took on the Cotulla Cowgirls on Tuesday, February 1st and it was a well played game that turned into a loss. Cotulla led most of the first quarter, which ended 15-12. The last two Lytle points of the quarter came from Cadee Martinez’s free-throws. Lytle fought hard in the second but missed shots and turnovers allowing Cotulla to slowly pull further ahead. By the half, Lytle had slightly closed the gap to trail 27-33.
Fizz Hutton’s free-throw was the first point of the half and then Calyssa Sevier sank two more, but the Cowgirls stayed on top of their scoring to maintain their lead. A crash under the basket gave Nicole Godines the opening for a basket and both players in the crash popped up quickly to get back into action. An under the basket hook shot from Sevier ignited her, she then stole the ball about half court to drive in for a lay-up and brought the Pirates within 6. Lytle was able to get more break-away baskets off of Cotulla’s mistakes. After Sevier was fouled hard, the referees called an intentional foul against Cotulla for the foul which was nearly a tackle.
The Cotulla coach did not like the call and had words with the referees. Sevier kept her head in the game and sank one of two free-throws. C. Martinez inbounded to Sevier for an easy three-pointer. Down by just 1, the gym was excited when Sevier made a free-throw to tie the game up 45-45. She then stole the ball on a Cotulla inbound, for the lay-up. Again stealling a Cowgirl pass, Sevier was fouled going for the shot and was back at the free-throw line, making both and putting Lytle up 49-45. The third ended after Cotulla closed the gap at 49-49.
In the final quarter, Cotulla slowly pulled away and Lytle fell 59-64 after a long hard fight.
“We had our moments, but we just did not have enough plays consistently to take a lead on the Cowgirls. Calyssa Sevier had an amazing night with 35 points and Karata Whitfield had 12 points, but the rest of the team struggled offensively. We shot 31%; nothing was falling for the team. We were 67% from the free line; we have to do a better job in that area to win big games. After the game, walking into the locker room and seeing the tears and the emotions on their faces I knew the loss hurt them just as bad as me. We have been through a lot this season and these girls always come through,” added Coach Lori Wilson.
Stats: Calyssa Sevier 35 points, 9 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 deflections, 7 steals. Katara Whitfield had 12 points, 6 rebounds, 2 deflections, 2 steals. Fizz Hutton had 4 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 deflections, 4 steals. Nicole Godines had 4 points, 4 rebounds, 1 deflection, 4 steals. Cadee Martinez had 2 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 deflections, 2 steals. Arianna Garcia had 2 points. Sofia Hutton and Amelia Martinez were powerful on defense. Q1 12-15, Q2 27-33, Q3 49-49, Q4 59-64.
Not to be discouraged by Tuesday’s loss, the Lady Pirates stepped onto the court to play Poth in the game for district title. It was Seniors’ Night and Lytle honored Sofia Hutton and Nicole Godines for their hard work and dedication to the Pirate basketball program. Starting for Lytle was Sevier, C. Martinez, Whitfield, Godines, and Hutton.
Whitfield lost the tip-off and within the first 2 seconds of the game a foul was called on the Lady Pirates. C. Martinez was fouled shooting and she put the first point on the board. Facing the Lytle full-court press, Poth struggled to make it downcourt without Lytle stripping it from them. The referees were calling a tight game and within the first two minutes a total of 5 fouls were called. This helped Lytle’s lead with the free-throws to lead it 7-2 after three minutes. Sevier sank a three-pointer and Poth called a time out to break up the Lytle scoring run. After a scoring drought for both teams, Hutton found a hole for a basket through several Poth players. The quarter ended 12-4.
Lytle hit 8 fouls at the beginning of the second putting Poth in bonus. Whitfield scored for Lytle first in the second after Poth had added 4 points, 14-8. Poth continued to score and were soon within 3 points. Sevier added a basket to help put the Lady Pirates back up by 5. The second was another low scoring quarter for the Lady Pirates but they outshot Poth 10-8 and maintained the lead at 22-16.
Starting the third with the ball, Lytle converted it to points on their second possession. Sevier scored back-to-back baskets and made it 26-18. Passing downcourt to an open Amelia Martinez, the Lady Pirates were now up by 10 and Whitfield quickly made it 12. With two minutes left in the third, Lytle was up 33-20. A cross key pass from Sevier to C. Martinez added a basket. Lytle held Poth to just 6 points in the third, ending it 39-22.
Lytle slowed the game down and spread out their offense in the final quarter but still found their shots. Sevier sank a three-pointer and then Poth added two free-throws. Hutton added a basket and then C. Martinez stuffed a Poth player. With the crowd excited on both sides, Lytle continued to put tough defense on Poth drawing the fouls. Lytle controlled the rest of the game to win it 51-35 and move to 1st place in district!
What a great night it was for the girls Friday night playing in a full gym with so many fans here to cheer them on; it was definitely a playoff atmosphere. The girls knew everything was on the line. We needed a win to take the lead in district. Our defense was what got the win; we scored 22 points on their turnovers from our press and 21 points in transition. We ran the floor well and had 17 steals. The girls as they say, “Coach we are zoned in” and from tip off you could see they were.
We won 51-35. We now sit in first place and all we have to do is travel to Dilley Tuesday win that game then claim the Title Back to Back Champs! The girls are 23-9 for the season and 13-2 in District!
Stats for the game: Calyssa Sevier 25 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 5 deflections, 6 steals. Fizz Hutton had a double-double 10 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assist, 6 deflections, season high 10 steals. Cadee Martinez had 6 points, 5 rebounds, 1 deflection, 1 block. Katara Whitfield had 5 points, 4 rebounds, 1 steal. Rose Scotello had 3 points, 1 rebound. Amelia Martinez had 2 points, 3 rebounds, 1 deflection. Arianna Garcia played good defense in the paint. Nicole Godines 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 deflections. Sofia Hutton 1 deflection and had good defense in the paint. Q1 12-4, Q2 22-16, Q3 39-22, Q4
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer