Lady Pirates are now 4-3

The Lady Pirates had a tough weekend of four games in five days. They faced Southside on Friday, Navarro on Saturday, Southwest Legacy on Monday and Pleasanton on Tuesday. Winning two of the four games, the team is on the right track for a great season.
The girls traveled to Southside the Friday we left for the break and beat a fast and aggressive Southside team 49-42. We again scored big in the second half scoring 34 points. This group is getting better every game and starting to build their chemistry. We are playing great defense and that is contributing to the wins we are getting.
Points: Calyssa Sevier 19, Cadee Martinez 2, Clarissa Ramos 3, Alex Nagelin 2, Katara Whitfield 2, Fizz Hutton 3, Kylie Mask 7, Noelia Medina 11. Rebounds: Sevier 12, Martinez 7, Ramos 7, Nagelin 1, Whitfield 3, Hutton 2, Mask 4, Medina 3. Assists: Sevier 2, Medina 2. Steals: Sevier 2, Hutton 3, Mask 1, Medina 2. Q1 6-10, Q2 15-22, Q3 28-30, Q4 49-42. FTP 61%.
The girls turned around Saturday morning and played a very good Navarro squad but lost 40-47. This game was great for us because Navarro is a quick team so we had to run with them and in the 4th I could see our legs were tired from the night before. Navarro will make a run in the playoffs and for us to play the way we did against them says a lot about our team. This game we needed another player to get in double figures and that would have changed the outcome. Leading the team again was Freshmen Calyssa Sevier with 18 points and 7 steals.

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Points: Sevier 18, Martinez 6, Ramos 4, Nagelin 2, Hutton 2, Mask 2, Medina 6. Rebounds: Moreno 1, Sevier 2, Martinez 4, Ramos 2, Hutton 1, Assists: Sevier 2, Martinez 1, Mask 3, Steals: Moreno 3, Sevier 9, Martinez 2, Nagelin 5, Hutton 8, Mask 3, Medina 5. Q1 10-10, Q2 34-10, Q3 40-25, Q4 47-40. FTP 70%.
The girls played Monday of Thanksgiving break and lost a heartbreaker to Legacy in overtime 60-62. This game gave us experience and a ton of confidence that will pay off down the road in district play. The most exciting thing for me to see is we are scoring points and big points! The girls took a lot of positives away from this game to build on. When another Coach compliments you on your team it is always a great day. The girls are now 3-3 for the season.
Points: Sevier 26, Martinez 7, Nagelin 2, Hutton 10, Mask 5, Medina 8, Pacheco 2. Rebounds: Moreno 2, Sevier 11, Martinez 4, Nagelin 5, Hutton 7, Mask 4, Medina 8. Assists: Sevier 3, Mask 2, Medina 2. Steals: Sevier 4, Ramos 1, Hutton 5, Mask 4, Medina 2, Pacheco 1. Q1 14-6, Q2 23-24 Q3 40-37, Q4 60-62. FTP 42%.
The girls traveled to Pleasanton on Tuesday of the break to finish off their last game before some much needed time off.
Points: Moreno 2, Sevier 15, Martinez 11, Nagelin 2, Hutton 8, Mask 2, Medina 11. Rebounds: Moreno 2, Sevier 9, Martinez 6, Ramos 2, Nagelin 3, Whitfield 1, Hutton 5, Mask 2, Medina 8, Pacheco 2. Assists: Sevier 3, Hutton 1, Medina 1. Steals: Moreno 1, Sevier 7, Martinez 3, Nagelin 1, Hutton 8, Medina 2. Q1 10-4, Q2 39-9, Q3 43-20, Q4 8-20. FTP 79%.
Some highlights of the season so far: as a team we are averaging 54 points. Kylie Mask has racked up 6 charges. Calyssa Sevier has already scored 150 with 27 steals and 23 assists. Fizz Hutton has 24 steals. Cadee Martinez and Noelia Medina each have 32 rebounds.
We finished off with a good win beating Pleasanton 51-40. Everyone contributed making this a great team win. We are now 4-3 for the season and will face Hondo here in Lytle tomorrow JV at 5:00 and Varsity at 6:30.
Coach Lori Wilson