JV Team Tennis end with a win

In their final game on Wednesday, October 6th, the JV Team Tennis beat Medina Valley 14-11. This team finished the season strong and are ready to compete individually this spring under Coach Mark Feltner.
Ted Hinkle/Tommie Hinkle lost 5-8. Ted Hinkle won 8-0. Tommie Hinkle won 8-6. Ethan Gelinas/Ethin Erwin won 8-5. Gelinas lost 4-8. Erwin won 8-2. Lucas Head/Brooks Poppe won 8-2. Head won 8-4. Poppe won 8-6. Isaiah Camacho/Antonio Leija lost 8-9. Camacho won 9-8. Leija lost 0-8. Jilliyn Guajardo/Bailey Ornelas lost 6-8. Guajardo lost 8-9. Ornelas lost 3-8. Iris Stricker/Alanna Monreal lost 6-8. Stricker lost 4-8. Monreal won 8-1. Trinity Spurgers/Abby Saunders won 8-5. Spurgers lost 6-8. Juan Zamora/Michael Biediger lost 8-9. Adam Moreno/Felix Mendoza won 8-3. Zamora won 8-0. Abby Saunders/Adam Moreno won 8-0. Felix Mendoza/Michael Biediger won 8-0.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer