Freshman Warhorses 5/5 last week

Winning five of five games last week, the Freshman Warhorses beat Stockdale and then won their home tournament. Lead by Coach Quenton Sanders, the freshmen have come together as a team and are on their way to a very impressive season. Currently 8-2, the boys will head to Pleasanton this weekend for another tournament.
“As a coach there are few things better than watching your team start to figure things out and improve. The freshmen are playing extremely hard, and they are starting to reap the rewards of their efforts. In Stockdale the team got off to a rocky start, but turned up the intensity in the 2nd half. The team was able to pull away, and hold them off. In our tournament the young men put on a show. I am not sure I have seen a freshmen group play as hard as they did for the four game tournament. The effort across the board was outstanding. If that effort and energy continues we can have a very special season. We are currently 8-2 with Cole on Tuesday, and the Pleasanton tournament on Friday and Saturday. Hopefully we can keep this momentum going.” Coach Sanders
Stockdale put of a fight against the Warhorses but ran out of steam late in the game and the freshman took advantage of it to win 54-48. Cadence Hanson 10, Jaiden Burford 14, Nick Ortiz 1, Aiden Zapata 2, Jacob Antu 2, Kaiveri Alverez 16, Joaquin Philippi 11. Q1 8-10, Q2 19-22, Q3 41-36, Q4 54-48. FTP 58%
Facing D’Hanis in the tournament first, the Warhorses quickly took the lead in the first and built on it the rest of the game. Noah Macias 5, Hanson 13, Burford 11, Juan Lopez 3, Juan Billalobos 9, Zapata 3, Antu 6, Alverez 10, Julian Vallejo 6, Philippi 1. Q1 19-10, Q2 39-18, Q3 56-21, Q4 67-30.
Their second game went much the same way against Pearsall. Taking the lead early and controlling the tempo lead to a 70-30 victory over Pearsall. Macias 2, Hanson 15, Burford 17 Billalobos 6, Nick Ortiz 4, Zapata 2, Antu 2, Alverez 10, Vallejo 2, Philippi 8. Q1 28-7, Q2 41-16, Q3 56-70, Q4 70-30. FTP 67%
Cotulla wasn’t even able to break double digits against the Warhorses. They fell 55-9 leaving only one more opponent for Devine to topple. Rylan Mata 3, Macias 4, Hanson 15, Burford 9, Lopez 4, Billalobos 9, Ortiz 1, Samuel Mills 2, Alverez 3, Philippi 5. Q1 22-0, Q2 35-4, Q3 51-4, Q4 55-9. FTP 55%
In their final game against Dilley, the Warhorses were able to take control of the game and win it 60-17.
Mata 2, Hanson 16, Burford 2, Lopez 3, Billalobos 4, Ortiz 4, Antu 2, Alverez 13, Philippi 14. Q1 16-2, Q2 25-2, Q3 47-13, Q4 60-17. FTP 63%
Undefeated in their home tournament, the Freshman Warhorses will have a chance to repeat that when they compete in the Pleasanton tournament this weekend.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer