JV Warhorses win home tournament

Playing five teams in one week is mentally and physically tough and the JV Warhorses showed everyone they were up for the challenge. Winning four of their five games, the Warhorses went from a losing 2-4 record to a winning 6-5 record for the season.
Facing Stockdale on December 3rd and won the game in the 4th quarter 37-30 after trailing 26-28 at the end of the third. Stockdale sent the Warhorses to the free throw line 38 times but the Warhorses failed to capitalize on the free points, only making 10 of them. The Warhorses played a clean second half despite the roughness from Stockdale.
Colin Dishman 11, Xavier Contreras 4, Angel Espinosa 3, Peyton Carr 16, Sage Cruz 3. Q18-10, Q2 18-16, Q3 26-28, Q4 37-30. FTP 26%
In the JV Warhorse Tournament last weekend, Coach Evan Eads and his team played four aggressive games to win three of them and the Warhorses won the tournament by tie breaker. Facing Cotulla, Lytle, Pearsall, and Dilley was a tough line up, but the Warhorses handled each team with confidence and pride.
In their first game against Cotulla, the JV Warhorses were able to gain the in the first quarter and control the ball offensively the rest of the game. Winning 62-22, the Warhorses struggle with free throws only making 20% but their shots from the court won the game. Cody Trammell sank 3 three pointers, Charles Waddey 2, and Contreras 1.
Dishman 9 points, Contreras 10, Waddey 8, Trammell 9, Isaiah Morin 6, Carr 8, Cruz 8, Chris Ortiz 4. Q1 25-5, Q2 35-12, Q3 46-18, Q4 62-22. FTP 20%
Their second match up against Lytle was a repeat of their first game, winning 65-23. The Warhorses were outshot the Pirates every quarter and were 40% from the free throw line.
Dishman 11, Contreras 6, Waddey 2, Angel Espinosa 4, Trammell 6, Morin 3, Carr 16, Cruz 5, Oriz 12. Q1 25-9, Q2 42-18, Q3 53-20, Q4 65-23. FTP 40%
Pearsall put up more of fight against the Warhorses leading 6-7 at the end of the first. At the half, the teams were tied at 18 and it was in the third quarter that the Warhorses began to pull ahead outshooting Pearsall 12-11. With a final score of 42-38, the Warhorses were worn out from this aggressive game and big win.
Dishman 9, Contreras 7, Trammell 3, Carr 4, Cruz 9, Ortiz 10. Q1 6-7, Q2 18-18, Q3 30-29, Q4 42-37. FTP 50%
In the final game against Dilley, the Warhorses came from behind to lead 17-15 at the half but could not keep up the momentum into the second half and lost 37-41. This loss was not large enough to cost them the tournament and they kept 1st place at home after a tie breaker.
Dishman 10, Contreras 1, Espinosa 5, Carr 10, Cruz 8, Ortiz 3. Q1 6-10, Q2 17-15, Q3 29-30, Q4 37-41. FTP 38%
“After winning the first three games of the tournament, all we had to do was beat Dilley. But we failed to match Dilley’s aggressiveness. We had a poor night shooting, and the worst part was we played bad defensively. Since Dilley lost to Pearsall by two and we beat Pearsall by five, and Dilley beat us by four, we won the tournament by a positive point tie breaker.” Coach Eads
The JV Warhorses will compete in the Pleasanton JV Tournament this weekend and then face Bandera at home Tuesday night.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer