Fireworks prohibited in city

Officers handled 61 calls for service this past week. Only a couple little property crimes this past week, I guess all the crooks are on vacation. We also only arrested one person. Even though we had a lot of calls, the vast majority didn’t result in a crime report or any real police action. It was a lot of checking on people, unlocking cars, and moderating minor disturbances.
The Star Food Mart (Chevron) on Main St. reported that someone spray painted on one of the gas pumps. So, a little graffiti action, maybe in protest of the rising fuel cost. The other property crime was an illegal dumping. Six bags of trash were left on the side of Diaz St.
The single arrest was the result of a traffic stop. The driver had an active felony drug warrant out of Kendall Co. When they got her to the jail, the detention officer found meth in her bra. She picked up a felony charge of bringing dope in a jail.
Not too much excitement last week here at the office. My life might have even been more exciting. I had one of my A/C units go out at the house. It was about time…. the outside unit was a 1992 model, and the inside air handler was a Magic Chef, which I think they quit making in 1988. Then I took an overnight trip to Livingston to pick up my daughter who had been at a church camp in Fort Worth with her cousins. My wife called me when I was in Navasota and told me I forgot my overnight bag. I don’t think I have ever done that before. Oh well, a quick right turn into the Wal-Mart and my son and I were good to go with necessities and a change of clothes. I wasn’t my usual stylish self, but nobody noticed.
Back to the important stuff…. Yes, the 4th of July is approaching and no…the city is not having a fireworks show this year. I bet we have an extra good one next year to make up for it. As a reminder, which doesn’t appear to work very well, the discharge of fireworks is prohibited in the city. I had several complaints last year about all the people popping fireworks, I promised this year to try to do a better job of enforcing the ordinance. If I had more time, I would come up with some sort of catchy phrase like “Light a firework, sign a ticket” or “You can pop a firework, just don’t pop off to the judge if you end up in court”. Well, it’s a start but both of those need a little work.