Ehlinger remembers a box of ashes from burning of the note placed in bricks of St. Joseph

Uncle Louis Ehlinger and I talked a bit about this and that and then the conversation moved to the taking down of St. Joseph’s old Rock Church this week. Although he was not happy about it, he said that it had to be done, but it was a shame.
Uncle Louis also said that he had lost a little sleep that night because a very vivid memory that kept waking him up. He said he clearly remembered when the note for the 1922 church was paid off!
“At the end of Mass on Sunday in either 1933 or 34, the priest said that some men of the church wanted them to meet outside in front of the church to “retire” the note on the church, ” said Louis Ehlinger, Sr.
“We all went outside in front of the church and they burned the loan note in a pit! ” (Burning the note was sometimes done to celebrate & symbolize paying off of a loan or home mortgage back in the day.)

Nancy Ehlinger and Gary Saathoff were married in the “old rock church” on December 19, 1981, before it received a face lift to repair the front. The last couple married in the church were David and Jennifer Caldwell on June 6, 2009. The wedding of Shannon and Nathan Frazier had to be relocated “because the church was falling down.”

“Then they took the ashes and put them in a box. That box was taken to the right front corner on the outside of the church where they pulled out some red bricks, put the box in, and put the bricks back over it!” (Maybe in the cornerstone?)
Uncle Louis was very specific and detailed in describing this very important event for their church. This must have been especially interesting for a 7 year old boy!
He then wondered if they will find a box of ashes in the rubble and wonder what it is. “Won’t they be surprised to find a box of ashes!”
But those were some very important ashes. Those ashes represented the pride and hard work that these parishioners put in to make their beautiful Rock Church a reality, as well as a symbol of their Faith. I hope they find that box!
Update: As of press time August 11th the box had not been found yet. Unfortunately it was not known that it was there until after the demolition started. But there is still a possibility that it may be found as the clean up continues.
By Nancy Saathoff