Water pipe replacement project begins in Devine

The City of Devine’s long-awaited water pipe replacement project got underway earlier this week on Monday, August 10.
Phase 1 of the project, which consists of replacing all the asbestos cement water pipes south of Colonial Parkway with new PVC pipe, is estimated to last about a year.
Work on Phase 1 is currently being done on LC Martin Drive and Hwy. 173 and is projected to take about a month, barring any emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances.
The second phase of the project will swap the asbestos cement water pipes north of Colonial Pkwy. with PVC pipes. Phase II will be bid as a separate project and will begin at a later date.
Secondary transmission lines from the Edwards Aquifer wells on FM 1343 will be completed at the elevated tank at the well yard on Commercial Drive.
Any remaining funds will be used to replace cast iron and steel water pipes throughout the City.
The Texas Water Development Board awarded the City $9.9 million for the water pipe replacement in March 2018, which included a $500,000 grant and $9.4 million in low interest loans. The City raised utility rates later in 2018 in order to fund the loan payments, which began in February 2019.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer