Eddie Hutzler’s sirens and First Responder sendoff heard all across town,Badge #1234 retired in honor of Nightwatchman

It says any man you meet on the street could be Jesus…..In any other city, Eddie Hutzler, 84, might have been considered “homeless”, but in this community he always had a family. He brought out the best in all of us–inspiring us to be the

kind of people who help others in need without blinking. His greatest joy was being Devine’s Nightwatchman, riding his bike or wheelchair around town nightly to check on the doors and keep his community – his family, safe. He will be greatly missed, and was so well loved, an icon of our small town. Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown and at least 20 officers salute as he passes by. All available MCSO units then formed a 20 vehicle honor entourage to take him from the church to his resting spot at St. Joseph’s Cemetery. It was a beautiful display of love and respect for a man who many thought had nothing, but to alot of people they knew he had everything, because he had the love of people all over the world from his hometown. Photos by KK Calame.