DHS Percussion Ensemble brings home the Gold Medals from STATE!

Devine High School’s Percussion Ensemble receive a First Division rating! That is no small accomplishment – as a First Division rating given at the State level is rare – and where the judges are usually college professors who are specialists on their instruments. Our Percussion Ensemble members – Pauline Calame, Andrea Sanchez, Caleb Martin, Analea Brooks, Michael Cubriel, Andrew Kohlleppel, Brent Wilcox, and Aaron Salazar all received a Gold Medal from State!!”

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Nine DHS Warhorse Band Students qualified for the UIL State Solo & Ensemble Contest and brought home several Division 1’s so far. “The Percussion Ensemble (8 kids) brought home a One! It is hard to get a One at State, we are so proud of them,” said DHS Director of Bands Jeff Miller.
Three soloists, Madilynne Mohr (Clarinet Solo), Pauline Calame (Marimba Solo), and Caleb Martin (Snare Solo) advanced to State. “Madi got a One for her solo, the highest award you can earn, we are so proud of her”, said Miller.
Pauline’s solo was never judged as there were technical difficulties at State and the judge couldn’t hear it, didn’t ask for another file, so it will forever be a mystery unfortunately for Pauline sadly. Thank you pandemic rules. “I am happy that we’re able to continue each year to get better and finally get that One and our gold medals for our Percussion Ensemble performance. It felt so good to finally reach our goal and get the gold State medals. I’m proud of all 7 of my ensemble teammates and the dedication it took to make it to State and get that 1! It wasn’t easy by any means, but I hope the younger ones will continue what we have going and keep going back to State. It was a wonderful feeling to hear we did it; we made it happen, a dream come true. Us seniors leave knowing we worked hard enough to make it to the top and hopefully inspired others to try it as well,” said Calame. Calame is continuing her music education at the University of the Incarnate Word this fall as a Music Therapy major, she is the daughter of Tommy and KK Calame. “We are so happy for her and the ensemble kids. Watching how hard they work to make the eight instruments blend into such beautiful music was fun and to bring home a One and the gold medals was so exciting,” said the Calames.
Caleb Martin chose not to turn his state performance, but was instrumental in keeping the beat of ensemble on the drum set. He dedicated his time to the ensemble and was happy with that gold medal. “I’ve been drumming since I was a little kid. I love it and have enjoyed being in the high school band and competing at State,” said Martin. He is the son of Michael Martin and Brenda and Robert Cline. “He has been beating on everything since he could walk, like it was a drum. We are so proud of him. It has been fun to watch him excel and watch his passion for drumming and dreams come true,” said his mother.
The Percussion Ensemble is made of eight percussionists led by senior Pauline Calame, her third ensemble to lead to State back to back in the last three years. They are: Andrea Sanchez (2 year State Qualifier), Caleb Martin (3 year State Qualifier, 2 ensemble/2 soloist), Andrew Kohlleppel (1st year), Brent Wilcox (1st year), Analea Brooks (2 year State Qualifier), Aaron Salazar (1st year), Michael Cubriel (2 year State Qualifier) and Pauline Calame (3 year State Qualifier Ensemble, 1st year as soloist).
The UIL State Solo & Ensemble Contest was hosted this year online through video recordings, some results made it in before school ended. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the students had to video record their performance and submit it online instead of going to Austin to perform live in front of the judges like normal.
They qualified at the Region 11 UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest several months ago by earning a Division 1 on these Class One Solos or Ensemble advancing them to State!
Pauline Calame: Class One Mallet Solo “Morning Light” by Mark Ford, Advanced to State, results unknown as judge could not open the file and chose to not offer another opportunity to resend it.
Madilynne Mohr: Class One Clarinet Solo “Rhapsody for Clarinet” by Osborne, won a Division 1 at State- top honors!

Caleb Martin: Class One Snare Solo “The Winner” by Markovich, Advanced to State.
Percussion Ensemble, Class One “Root Beer Rag” arr by Steinquest, won a Division 1 at State- top honors!- Pauline Calame (Leader/Xylophone), Andrea Sanchez (Marimba), Caleb Martin (Drum set), Andrew Kohlleppel (Marimba), Brent Wilcox (Vibes), Analea Brooks (Marimba), Aaron Salazar (Marimba), and Michael Cubriel (Bass Guitar).
These students have worked hard for several months to prepare, practice and refine their performances in preparation for the State Contest!
They are led by Devine ISD Director of Bands, Jeff. W. Miller, BME, MM and Assistant Directors Tom Settles and James Quintero.
Last year 2020, Devine qualified a five piece percussion ensemble (Pauline Calame, Andrea Sanchez, Caleb Martin, Jacob Guajardo, Analea Brooks and Michael Cubriel) but didn’t get to compete due to the Covid shutdown statewide. None of the State qualifiers got to compete in 2020 including Josephine Taitano (flute solo), and a Clarinet Trio of Clarissa Maldonado, Madilynne Mohr, and Skyler Montoya. The 2019 Percussion Ensemble of Krista Davis, Pauline Calame, Madalyn Zamorano, and Jacob Guajardo earned a 2 at State.