Devine Homecoming Sept. 24-25: “Come for the football, come for the band, come for the fun!”

Devine Warhorse Band 1969-70 – Pictured from the 1970 DHS Corral Yearbook: 1st Row – Ruthie Griffin, Lynn Williams, Aileen Dubose, Donna Ehlinger, Karen Henry, Barbara Ciavarra, Sharon Lyles, Lucia Thomas, Phyllis Hilliard, Becky Campsey, Susan Stansell, Karen Young. 2nd Row – Carol Savage, Debbie Wisenbaker, Patsy Linnartz, Sherry Young, Denise Parks, Brenda Ricord, Becky Johnston, Brenda Harris, Nancy Waddell, Jimmy Nowlin, Bobby Gardner, Martha Bain, Jo Beth Taylor, Leigh Ann Arche, Annette Hairell, Doug Wadsworth, Ric Savage. 3rd Row – Dianna Davis, Linda Oglesby, Helen Chapa, Angel Pompa, Maggie Rivas, Teddy Williams, Cathy Taylor, Preston Roberson, John Messec, Gilbert Carrasco, Eddie Neuman, Tommy Satterfield, Brenda Schirmer, Roberta Griffin, Cathy Kenney, Denise Heathcock, Katie Wade, Laurie Messec, Sherry Smith, Marquetta Cassle, Debbie Mitchell, Ann Bendele. 4th Row – Linda Moravitz, Beth Lessing, Mike Jackson, Ronnie Schweitzer, Linda Lawrence, Jeff Sollock, Nick Clevenger, John Nowlin, Paul Jette, Roy Cude, John St. Leger, Darrel Gan, Mike Dooley, Doug Murdock, Ronnie McHan, Richard Sultenfuss, Donald Sparks, Janet Lessing, Jeanie St. Leger, Beverly Schirmer, Valerie Russel, John Rotramel, Eugene Whitaker, Howard Stansell, Cathy Scott, James Rotramel. 5th Row – Mr. Ray Mullins- Director, Virginia Messec, Susie Shults, Mike Kierum, Robert Pequeno, David Pressler, Debbie Downing, Bill Anderson, Terry Hardt, Kay Wiemers, Wayne Gan, Linda Pompa, Lynda Howard, Shirley Morales. (You may notice quite a few football players in the Band also. It was challenging for them to be prepared for the games and the halftime show too, but their hard work, and the cooperation and coordination of the coaches and band director made it possible and successful.)

“Warhorses Marching Ever On, on to Victory, and to Glory!” If you are from Devine, went to school or taught school here, or had a student in the district, you probably “sang” those lyrics in your head to the tune of the DHS School Song! And if you were a Band student, you “heard” the cymbal crash at the end of that line too, didn’t you? The Devine School & Fight Songs are so familiar to us and are part of our traditions that no matter how long you have been away, it comes back to you, in a special way, each time you hear it!
“Loud Cheers Ring Out, Hurrahs Resound, to Proclaim that, same Old Story.” That “old story” is what keeps our Devine Ex-Students & Teachers coming back for each Homecoming weekend. This year is no different, and Devine alumni will come together again at Warhorse Stadium Friday Night Football on Sept. 24th & again on Saturday, the 25th at the Devine Student Activity Center at 1:00pm. All Devine Ex-Students & Teachers are invited to attend!
“Ever Bold as of Old Guard Her Honor.” At Halftime, and at the Saturday Ex-Students/Teachers meeting & social, the DHS Classes of 1970 & 1971 will be honored for their 51st & 50th class reunions. All classes are special, and it is a privilege to be able to have a time to honor them at Homecoming this year.
“On the Field Never Yield, Win her Fame.” Devine Alumni are encouraged to sit together in the south end of the homestands to cheer on their Devine Warhorses & Warhorse Band! At Halftime, students from the Honor Classes of 1970 & 1971 will be introduced! Cheer them on too!

Devine Warhorse Majorettes 1969-70 – For decades Devine Majorettes graced Warhorse Stadium with talented young ladies who lead the Warhorse Band in halftime shows & also parades. Being a majorette was a lot of work, but a great honor. They were known for their precision, talents, and for proudly wearing the DHS military style uniform & those cute white boots too! For many years twirling camps were held in Devine and other towns, like they hold cheer camps nowadays. The competition to become a majorette was not easy, as they had to complete several baton routines and twirling skills, against many others. This team of majorettes won medals at UIL competitions and competed at the State Level. They also performed at many school & community functions throughout the year. Pictured from the 1970 DHS Corral Yearbook are: Top to Bottom – Sharon Lyles, Feature Twirler. Drum Major Lucia Thomas & Barbara Ciavarra. Becky Campsey & Phyllis Hilliard. Karen Henry & Donna Ehlinger.

“Warhorses, now be Bold; Maroon & Gold unfold.” Many current team members are children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren of former Devine students & teachers. So, the traditions that many of you took part in during your schooldays in Devine, continue today!
Our heads we bow, our Pledge Renew.” Join us at Devine Homecoming 2021 to have your “Devine Spirit” renewed with your fellow classmates & friends! Friday, Sept. 24 – come early to sign in with the Devine Ex-Students/Teachers Association prior to the 7:30pm kickoff, then on Saturday, Sept. 25 – come to the Devine Student Activity Center (DSAC) at 1:00pm for another time of meeting & greeting together with other alumni!
“Oh, Devine, We will be True.”
Football tickets have to be purchased online this year. Be sure to go to for the link.
*For more Homecoming details, see the Devine Ex-Students/Teachers Association Facebook page, or contact DExSTA board members, Nancy Ehlinger Saathoff ’75 at 210-289-6205 or Jeff Wisenbaker ’75 at 210-317-2549.
*Articles & pictures courtesy of DExSTA – NGS.