Devine Chamber, Driscoll Public Library to host “Adulting 101” June 5

The Devine Chamber of Commerce and the Driscoll Public Library are teaming up together for a brand new, one of a kind event called “Adulting 101.” The purpose of “Adulting 101” is to offer our newest adults the best send-off into adulthood our community can give them.
This one-day event will take place on Saturday, June 5, and will require the participation of many of our local businesses and professionals to show what Adulting takes. Together, we will teach our youngest adults how to write checks, when to get oil changes, what it takes to rent an apartment, what an interest rate is, how much money can be made in various careers/trades, and MORE!
In addition to educating our young adults about your respective industry, each business or professional that participates will have the opportunity to connect with future customers, offer promotional items, and achieve great visibility in our community!
Participating in “Adulting 101” will feel like a real-life board game from the game of “Life.” Participants will be in groups of five and will proceed along the “game board” to different booths in order to get through ‘life.’ Each booth will have an educational and a chance segment where they will be faced with various real-life challenges. For instance, at the bank booth, they will learn about saving and investing, and then draw a card to either receive their payday (with fake money) according to the profession they drew at the beginning of the game, or pay an NSF charge or deal with identity theft.
Each business is welcome to be creative within their booth. Bonnie Manning and Debi DuBose will also be happy to help with ideas about what to teach and what “life events” could happen at your booth. As more businesses sign up, we will be able to shape exactly how the game should proceed and what each booth will be asked to offer. DEADLINE FOR BUSINESSES AND PROFESSIONALS TO SIGN UP TO HELP IS SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2021.
Booth set-up will begin at 9:00 a.m. and the game begins at 11:00 a.m.
We will be seeking donated prizes that young adults may need early on, such as housewares, gift cards, laptops, small appliances, etc. These will be given as door prizes and grand prizes.
If you would like to help put this event together or would like to donate items or help in any other way at all, please email Debi Dubose at, or call 830-663-2993.
“Adulting 101” Committee: Bonnie Manning (Co-Chair), Debi Dubose (Co-Chair), Margaret Greehey, Sandy Jopling, Barbara Moore, Sandy Herrera