County urges locals to continue taking Covid-19 seriously; Pfizer Vaccines open to anyone over 16

“People are still getting hospitalized and are still dying of COVID so get vaccinated,” said Medina County in a press release this Monday, April 5th. There are 25 active cases in our local communities as of this Monday.
Per DSHS, vaccine distribution can now be offered to anyone age 16 and older and continue to prioritize age 80 and above and vulnerable groups. All COVID-19 vaccines are authorized for age 18 and older. The Pfizer vaccine is authorized for people age 16 and older.
“Now that vaccine is open to all that can receive it, take the first opportunity you have to get vaccinated. There have been many doses given and it has proven itself safe and effective. Parents if you have teenagers they can get the Pfizer vaccine at age 16 and can get Moderna and J&J at age 18.”
Upcoming vaccine clinics…
Medina County Health Unit will be giving 1,000 second round doses of Moderna vaccine this week and that includes the Devine Community Center on Saturday, 4/10. In addition, we will open online registration on Tuesday for first round doses.
The Medina Regional Hospital did not receive COVID vaccine this week and will assist in administering the 1,000 Moderna doses the Health Unit will be receiving.
“Thank you Medina Regional for the teamwork, we could not do without,” said Medina County officials.
Look to for online vaccine registration and links to the Health Unit, Medina Regional and other local vaccine providers.
Medina County COVID-19 Vaccine Data as of 4/5/2021
Total doses allocated to the county: 10,800
People vaccinated with at least one dose: 12,901
People fully vaccinated: 8,786
People 16 years of age and older: 41,263
Estimated coverage: (Percentage of people 16 years of age who are fully vaccinated) 21.29%
DSHS COVID-19 Vaccine Information:
COVID-19 vaccine information: