County Health Unit: “Today is a sad reminder of how serious this is”

After Medina County released tragic news of the first local death, Patricia Mechler from the Medina County Health unit stated, “We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the family of our first reported death in Medina County from COVID-19. It is a sad reminder of how serious this virus is. It will  affect us all in some way. Whether you know someone personally or you watch it on the 24/7 news broadcasts. Zip codes don’t matter. What everyone needs to do is to be aware of yourself and your potential risk of exposure.

There is not a place that has no risk of exposures. At this point we are all considered as having some risk of exposure with our first responders at a higher risk. Strict social distancing needs to be followed. We are heading into a holiday weekend and the same rules apply. We will have a holiday later but not now. We can save lives if local residents follow the orders.  Stay at home. Leave for essential needs only. Businesses that should be open are essential businesses only. Handwashing often and avoid touching your face are basic practices that cut down on your risk significantly. Clean and sanitize commonly used surfaces often. If you are worried about your neighbor, my advice is if you are keeping to yourself and your family that lives in your home, you should have a low risk. Let’s all support each other. Thank you to the residents of county that are adhering to social distancing. Thank you to our first responders, including our grocery stores and essential businesses for being on the front lines for all of us.

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