Commissioners move forward on MCSO building, widening CR 381

Commissioners Court was held June 3 and all items were approved with the exception of item 16, which was tabled. It was a quick meeting, just under an hour with no executive session.
Not much was discussed about the new development in the Potranco West except to mention that the new homes would be worth twice what a trailer park would be and to fix a couple of small roads to reclassify them as driveways. It was a quick discussion that was passed.

Sherriff Supported by Council
Commissioners Court has approved to move froward on the search to buy a building or build a new structure for the Sheriff’s Department to house its equipment in. It was item #33 on the agenda but was bumped up to allow Sherriff Randy Brown to get back to work. The Sherriff has found a location behind the existing animal control which is currently an empty lot and will still allow for jail expansion or other expansion as needed. The court approved to move forward on this project and find out the cost of building on property they already own versus buying a building.
The Commissioners also approved to apply for bullet proof vests for the fiscal year of 2021 grant program. This grant will assist the Sheriff’s Office to purchase new vests for their officers.
The Council has agreed to use grant funds and Covid funds to purchase and train staff on the use of TechShare LGC. This allows the DA Office to share evidence and will be more cost effective. Right now the DA is having to burn CDs and print out info and with the new program the data will all be digital and faster. The program will be prorated for this year and if the county purchases it the agencies in the county will all be able to use it. This will also reduce physical contact between difference agencies.

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CR 381 to be Widened
Item 15 discussed the possibility of the County entering into an agreement with Vintage Oaks LLC regarding the improvement of a portion of CR 381. In the 100 Grand subdivision it has been decided that the road built is not adequate for the amount of traffic there will be when the homes are built along with the school that is back there. They would like to increase the size of the road to a 4 lane with turning lane. This would continue south to Hwy 90 and help with traffic flow. The County has agreed to kick in 1 mile of road and the developers stepping up to help with cost. With the amount totaling $1,235,000, the developers of the project would earn their money back over a 10 year period with construction already started. Westwood Engineering, the County’s engineering firm is to oversee the project through to the end with Vintage Oaks LLC covering their costs of $35,000 as well as lawyer’s fees with a check already given to the County of $50,000. The item passed.
The Southerland Communities have offered to help Medina County with the repair of road damage caused by the recent rains. They would be donating the use of the maintainer and have a crew available to be directed by the county. The Commissioners accepted the donation.
The County Clerk’s office is giving San Patricio County some unused filing cabinets and book cabinets instead of them going to the landfill. The Council passed that the County Clerks could dispose of them as they saw fit.
The City of Castroville has a new city manager and the Court wants to obtain consulting services with them to research options and develop a traffic plan to avoid a traffic problem like Castroville is having. This interlocal agreement has a $40,000 proposal from an engineering firm hired by the County.
The last thing discussed in the meeting was the progress of the cleanup of storm damage and repair. All precincts are currently working as fast as possible to get everything repaired and cleaned up but the constant rain that we were having last week made it a slow progress.
By Dicy Chambers

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