Christmas miracles going around

When you see a family in need…you see what’s so special about small town communities like ours. Just two days before Christmas, there were several families and groups delivering a little Christmas miracle to over 200 kiddos of families in need. It was beautiful to see and hear the families’ responses. Most of these Christmas angels wanted to remain anonymous so I shall not name names, but when The News was asked to put out a message to the community asking for names and addresses of families in need, I was so grateful for the Christmas angels and Santa’s helpers who were prepared to help.
To these Christmas angels, I wanted to share a couple of responses sent by families….
“I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your love for our children. We feel so happy & our kids do too.”
“An angel intervened. You put a smile on many children’s faces.”
“Thank you so much…Tell Santa I’m crying,” said one mama, to these Christmas angels, and Santa’s helpers.
“We don’t have any gifts at all this year,” said one mother after the big anonymous donor ran out of gifts to distribute. “But it’s ok. I had talked to my kids about at times we don’t get gifts because God wants us to appreciate the Best gift he has given us, which is Life! We will be okay.”
But it wasn’t five minutes later that another organization volunteered to make this Christmas one to remember for this beautiful family too.
For every family in need, there are three willing to help. That’s what I love about this town.
I want to also extend a special thanks to the many dozens of families who brought in over 3 truckloads of gifts for area foster children. I love seeing the faces and full hearts of caseworkers when they come to pick up gifts and realize they will have to make a second trip because this community loves their kiddos so much.