Bravery and good judgment by officers commended in fast-moving “hostage situation” last week

Lytle Police Chief Richey Priest honored Officer Luis Diaz and Sgt. David Lopez during Monday’s council meeting for their bravery and not hesitating to act in a “fast-moving hostage situation” last week. Officer Garcia was also commended for thrwarting a large theft. (Photo by Anton Riecher)

When Officers Luis Diaz and Sgt. David Lopez found themselves in a very dangerous situation, they did not hesitate to act. Lytle PD received the 9-1-1 call for help on Magnolia Street last Monday morning, August 7th. The call came from a resident who was outside the home, who told police there were two more people barricaded inside with the suspect.
“Upon arrival, they heard a gunshot, and knew there were two innocent people inside, so they went barreling through that door,” Chief Priest said. “We knew there were two innocent people inside, and so it was treated like an active shooter situation. The subject, who does not live at the residence, was barricaded inside the house with a woman and a disabled man who were in a fast-moving hostage situation.”
After forcing their way into the residence, the officers subdued the subject without further gunfire, using a taser, and rescuing the two other occupants. The subject who fired a gun was transported to the hospital.
“There was no long standoff because Officers Diaz and Sgt. Lopez charged in and took care of business. Under a very stressful situation, they just used really good judgment and respect for human life. Incidents like this involving guns can easily turn into a tragedy. This was one of the most critical incidents we have had in the last several years. We invest a lot in training, and this is the reason. It’s for calls like these,” Chief Priest said.
Sgt. Lopez, an Advanced Peace Officer, has served with the LPD for over 10 years, and Officer Diaz has been a peace officer for a little over six years (serving a little over 2 years with LPD).
More commendations
In other commendations, Chief Priest noted that David Lopez helped make possible an exchange of 47 outdated firearms for 14 new handguns, saving the department $12,000.
In July Officer Roger Garcia was making a routine night shift building check when he arrested three people for felony theft.