Arson dogs called in to investigate Devine home fire

Devine Fire Department responded to a fire on Saturday, July 27 around 8 pm until almost midnight. The fire broke out in a shed on CR 779 and quickly spread to the nearby home and vehicle.
“The caller said they heard firework sounds which are because the shed that caught fire had equipment inside it that is used to load bullets,” said Chief Mike Walker. “So even after the shed had burned to the ground it was still burning and shooting off bullets. Usually it is just the sound of the powder, but very rarely, does a bullet launch. But it can happen, so we were fighting the fire from a distance.”
“We were even more worried about a propane tank that was about 5 feet from the fire, so we had a firefighter protecting it. An empty propane tank is even more dangerous than a full one, because it’s not the liquid that burns, it’s the vapors,” Chief Walker added.
Thankfully, firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading to a mobile home and two travel trailers that were within 40 feet.
“Due to the fact that the shed where the fire originated did not have utilities going into it, we contacted Bexar County Arson investigators. They came out with their dogs on Sunday to search for accelerants, but as of right now, the cause is still unknown,” Chief Walker said.