Arabians beat Jourdanton 9-4

The Arabians bounced back after a 0-11 loss to Fredericksburg on Tuesday to beat Jourdanton 9-4 Friday night at home. Now 9-5 for the season, the Arabians will have their first district game Tuesday night at home against Hondo and then on the road Friday in Carrizo Springs.
Fredericksburg came out was able put away the first three batters to then earn four runs in the bottom of the first. The Lady Billies would go on to earn three runs in the 2nd, three in the 3rd, and one in the 4th before the game ended 0-11.
Hits: Isabella Gutierrez 1, Mackenzie McClellan 1. Putouts: Allyson Taylor 1, Jeanette Rios 1, Janaee Wofford 1, Arieana Ramirez Halle Hagdorn 3. Pitching: Isa. Gutierrez 23 total 15 strikes, McClellan 70 total 43 strikes. 3 team errors.
Friday night the Squaws took the lead early with a run in the first and one in the top of the third but the Arabians tied the game up in the bottom of the third. Lindsey Herrera walked, J. Rios walked, Isellia Gutierrez at bat, Herrera made it to 3rd on a wild pitch and then home on an error. Isellia Gutierrez walked and then caught stealing second for third out but J. Rios stole home, 2-2.
Bottom of the 4th, Isa. Gutierrez and Taylor single to make it to base and with Mackenzie Schneider at bat, Isa Gutierrez scored on an error. Inning would end 3-2. Top of the 5th, Ise. Gutierrez, A. Ramirez, and Dawn Morris on base, 1 out, Taylor singles to left and Ise. Gutierrez and A. Ramirez score, 5-2. Coronado Dasslyn in for Taylor. Morris then scored on a wild pitch, 6-2, Schneider walked and then stole a couple bases as Hagdorn was at bat. Hagdorn hit a pop fly and Dasslyn and Schneider scored, 8-2. Scarlett Byrd in for Hagdorn. J. Rios singled to center and Byrd scored, 9-2. Jourdanton would earn single runs in the 6th and 7th to end the game 9-4.
Hits: Taylor: 3, J. Rios 1, Ise. Gutierez 1, Isa. Gutierrez 1. Stolen Bases: Taylor 1, Herrera 1, Schneider 1, J. Rios 1. Putouts: Taylor 7, Herrea 1, J. Rios 2, Wofford 1, Isa. Gutierrez 1, Hagdorn 1, Ise. Gutierrez 1, Byrd 1, McClellan 5. Pitching: McClellan 94 total, 58 strikes, Isa. Gutierrez 18 total 9 strikes. 3 team errors.