Warhorses participate in the South Texas Slug Fest

In the South Texas Slug Fest, the Warhorses went 2-2 after three days of games. The Warhorses will compete in the Bandera Tournament this weekend and are currently 4-5 for the season.
In their first game against Lanier, Devine took the lead in the bottom of the 1st and held on to it to win the game 10-5. Bottom of the first, Isaiah Oropeza on third, Blaine Miller on 1st, Dalton Kramer singled and Oropeza scored. Darrin Lafferty bunts out. Christian Gerlach walks, bases loaded. Camden White singled to center and Miller scored 2-0. Mason Burford doubled with bases loaded to allow Kramer and Gerlach to score, 4-0. Clayton Brown hit to the pitcher for an out allowing White to score and Burford to advance to third. Brady Hackebeil doubled and Burford scored, inning ended 0-6. Lanier would score 5 runs before Devine would score again. Bottom of the 4th, Oropeza, Miller, and Kramer on base, Lafferty hit a double that cleared the bases adding three runs, 9-5. Devine’s final run would come in the bottom of the when Miller singled to center allowing Sage Cruz to score.
Hits: Hackebeil 1, Oropeza 1, White 1, Burford 1, Cruz 1, Miller 3, Gerlach 1, Kramer 1, Lafferty 1, Brown 1. Stolen bases: Oropeza 1, Burford 1. Putouts: Hackebeil 6, Oropeza 2, White 2, Miller 2, Gerlach 2, Brown 1. Evan Priest 66 total 32 strikes, Lafferty 23 total 16 strikes. 2 team errors.
In their second game on Thursday, the Warhorses only allowed Holy Cross 3 runs while earning 12 runs of their own. Bottom of the first, Oropeza singled, and then ran in when Kramer scarified a fly ball, 1-1. Holy Cross scored two in the top of the 2nd and Devine answered with 4. Dishman and White walked, Burford was hit by a pitch to load the bases. Brown was hit by a pitch, Dishman forced home. Hackebeil was hit by pitch and White scored, 3-3. Oropeza it to left and was caught out but Burford scored, 4-3. Miller lined out to center, 2 outs. Kramer singled to left and Brown scored, 5-3. Bottom of the 4th, Hackebeil and Oropeza on base with Miller at bat, Hackebeil scored on error. Miller singled while Oropeza scored, 7-3. A triple from Kramer allowed Miller to score, 8-3. Lafferty ground out and Kramer scored 9-3. Bottom of the 5th, 1 out, Kannon Ramirez and Oropeza on base Miller hit a long line drive to center and K. Ramirez scored, 10-3. Kramer singled to center and Oropeza scored, 11-3. Lafferty out on fly ball as Miller scored, 12-3.
Hits: Hackebeil 1, Dishman 1, Oropeza 3, White 1, Miller 2, K. Ramierz 1, Kramer 3. Stolen Bases: Hackebeil 1, Dishman 1, Oropeza 2, White 1, K. Ramirez 1. Putouts: Hackebeil 6, Dishman 1, White 1, Burford 1, Mando Gutierrez 1, Kramer 2. Oropeza 97 total 59 strikes.
Friday morning the Warhorse fell to Emery/Weiner 1-6. The Warhorse allowed one run each inning after allowing 2 the first and their only run came in the bottom of the third after three Warhorses were hit by pitches to loaded the bags, Oropeza this to right field and Gutierrez ran home.
Hits: Miller 1, Kramer 1, Lafferty 1. Stolen Base: Kramer 1. Putouts: Hackebeil 3, White 1, Miller 2, Priest 2, Gerlach 1, Kramer 3. Brown 6. Robert Ramirez 60 total 40 strikes, Caden Hanson 47 total 23 strikes.
Saturday against Cornerstone, the Warhorses struggled to connect their bats to the fast balls thrown by the pitcher and if they were able to get a hit, the defense was quick to scoop them up for an out. The Warhorses fell 0-14.
Hits: Oropeza 1, Kramer 1. Putouts: Hackebeil 2, White 3, Burford 1, Gutierrez 1, Gerlach 3, Kramer 2, Lafferty 3. Dishman 67 total 32 strikes, R. Ramirez 26 total 20 strikes, Hanson 34 total 23 strikes Kramer 28 total 23 strikes.
The Warhorses will play at home against Floresville Tuesday March 17th and then Friday March 20th against Pleasanton.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer