Aint no need to talk about the weather

Aint no need to talk about the weather…hotter’n it oughta be and if it was to rain, it would only turn to steam before it hit the ground. Need more prayers for rain sent.
Lost another good one last week. Wanda Gardner was a staple at City Council meetings in the late 80’s and 90’s. Nothing got past this lady. She was not the least bit hesitant to hold Council’s feet to the fire and ask the questions that are sometimes hard to answer honestly but, she insisted on an answer. If she was ever absent from a Council Meeting, it was suggested that someone go check on her.
She was a staunch (yellow dog) Democrat…unlike the ones in power now, she had morals and believed in holding her local government accountable. I liked to joke with her and bring up the fact that her son, Bobby, was a State level elected official in Colorado…AND was a Republican. She would respond with something like “we have our differences of opinion but, doesn’t everybody?” It was usually a short lived subject as she moved the conversation along.
As her eyesight failed, she would call me and give me her two cents worth and I appreciated hearing from her. Always respectful, short and to the point with a comment about having to read my column with a magnifying glass now.
Speaking of Democrats with no morals, the head of the snake told the American people that “America is moving again and your life is going to improve for the better” as he pitched the 2021 Infrastructure Bill. Well, it ain’t happened yet.
For example…Jan 6, 2021 gas price was $1.59 and last week, gas was over $3.00. In the time period of the $1.59 gas, America was the biggest producer of crude oil in the world. Since then, the Senile Puppet in Chief went begging for more from the Arabs…what a maroon. He and his handlers are the reason that America is in what seems like a death spiral.
Don’t know what happened in Commissioners Court last week…didn’t go. I’ll check with Danny and see if anything newsworthy happened.  One day closer to rain…keep praying.