8th Grade Fillys Earn Another Win in District

8th Grade #11 Leslie Perez sends one over the net as teamates look on.

Shana Beaty
Staff writer
The Devine Filly 8th grade volleyball A-team played against Pearsall to win an exciting game improving their district record to 3-1, and 5-2 for the season. The Fillys beat the Pearsall Dogies playing 3 sets to win 25-15, then losing 26-28, and then claiming their victory in the third game, 25-19. Coach Julie Oropeza said, “This game was certainly not our best, but these girls weathered the storm and came through with the win.

ACES: Aaliyah Morales-8, Madalyn Hester-8, Kenzie Ray, Greeley Malone and Gigi Madrid each w/2, and A’dell Holder-1
ATTACKS: Leann Guemes-5, Payton Dixon-Davis-4, Sydney Solis and Karsyn Deleon each w/1
KILLS: Solis-5, Dixon-Davis-3, Guemes and Madrid each w/2, and Deleon and Holder each w/1
ASSISTS: Morales-7, Madrid-4
BLOCKS: no blocks
DIGS: Malone-13, Ray-6, Deleon-5, Emma Gonzales-3, Addison DuBose-2, and Gigi Madrid-1
Devine’s 8th grade Filly Volleyball B-team won their third district game making their district record 3-1. Devine beat Pearsall 25-7, 12-10.
ACES: Mackenzie Hennessey-5, Bianca Mata-4, Paislee Freisenhahn and Nikki Olsen each w/3, Caitlin Gelinas-2
Coach Julie Oropeza was glad to see that her team was up to the challenge saying, “Our serves dominated this game and I believe it was the key to our success against Pearsall. This is a great win for my Filly B-Team. I’m very proud of them.”