7th-8th Fillys XC tops at Tilden

The Devine Middle School Fillys Cross Country runners got their money’s worth of medals last Saturday at McMullen County. Four Fillys finished in the top 10 while three others cracked the top 25.
Individual champion Anna Cale Harrison crossed the line first with a time of 13:35, followed closely by second place finisher Airyanna Rodriguez who posted a 13:46.
Charlee Rangel and Kourtni Geyer came in 5th and 9th respectively followed by other top 25 finishers Dani Gutierrez, Jilliyn Guajardo, and Kenadi Marek.
“I am proud of our effort,” stated Coach Mark Mangold. “Our runners are improving every week.”
Runners were not divided by grade level, team points were not recorded, and a championship team was not recognized.
Fillys results
1st Anna Cale Harrison 13:35, 2nd Airyanna Rodriguez 13:46, 5th Charlee Rangel 14:22, 9th Kourtni Geyer 14:43, 11th Dani Gutierrez 14:47, 21st Jilliyn Guajardo 16:00, 23rd Kenadi Marek16:24, 28th Natalie Valle 16:48, 33rd Analyn Garcia 18:10, 34th Angie Garcia 18:27, 38th Adeline Arellano 20:10, 42nd Hailee Eads 21:17.
Up next
All four Devine Middle School teams travel to San Antonio for the FEAST Invitational Saturday, September 26. Race times were not set in stone as of press time.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer