Pearsall no match for 8th Grade Gold Fillys

Pearsall was no match for the 8th Grade Gold Fillys on September 17th in their first district game. Winning 25-10 and 25-8, the Fillys made quick work of the Mavericks. “A win is a win! My girls weren’t mentally ready to play and it showed as they rotated and made substitutions. But, they figured it out in the end and won both games. Good job girls!” Coach Shana Beaty
Aces: Natalie Valle 5, Savannah Parker 2. Kills: Parker 1. Hits: Maddie Frazier 3, Amya Polen 1, Parker 1. Assists: Krya Olson 1. Digs: Dani Gutierrez-Nolan 1, Naudia Wurbach 1, Polen 2, Shelby Richardson 2.
The Fillys will play in Uvalde on September 28th and at home against Pearsall on October 5th. They are coming together as a team and are ready to take on the rest of district.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer