54 ACTIVE cases in our local communities as surge hits area

Medina County is reporting another 27 cases added to the “pending investigation” line. There are now a total of 40 pending investigations going on along with the other active cases that have already been broken down by zipcode. So there are a total of 54 active cases in our local communities in Medina County at this time. Authorities are working to track down and investigate the new cases and break them down by zipcode, but are overwhelmed.
There are also four local patients who were admitted to the hospital recently.
The surge across the greater SA area is real and SA hospitals are truly becoming overwhelmed with COVID patients. Roughly 40% of patients hospitalized in the SA area have required ICU, and 17% needed a ventilator, and that gives some explanation as to why hospitals are overwhelmed by the surge in COVID patients, even though there are over 1,200 “available beds.” You can read more about one local family’s story in this week’s Devine News, as well as comments from people on the front lines.
Medina County Judge Chris Schuchart is asking all residents and businesses to wear masks as we are seeing much more COVID spread in our local communities than we have in the past.
They remind us that many local residents work in Bexar County.