Where I am vs. Where am I

Have you ever noticed how a change in the order of just one word can make all the difference?
Many times in my life I have asked Where Am I? Lost in a big city or in the thick brush of La Brasada. Awakened from a disturbing dream or in the storm of a personal crisis. A feeling of anxiety and fear can come tumbling down. A lack of balance and stability. Off course and uncertain.
But when I think or say Where I Am, that most often reflects a feeling of awareness and understanding. And often a feeling of comfort and contentment.
And that is what this gift from me to you this day is about.
An acknowledgment that our “fit” together brings me much joy and security.
In fact, of the many blessings that have come my way, so many more than could ever be counted, knowing you and understanding that I belong with you in my life is one of the very best I have known.
So today, I want you to know that at it relates to my contentment in Life’s Journey…Where I Am with You is where I want to be.