Warhorse powerlifters beefing up

The Devine Warhorse powerlifting team continued its improved status with an outstanding effort at Texas Strength Systems last Thursday in San Antonio. The Warhorses are nearly halfway through their season and making great strides on their way to March’s regional meet.
“I am very proud of our Warhorse powerlifting team,” stated Head Coach Paul Gomez. “I mentioned last week how hard these boys work and how they definitely embrace competition. I also mentioned that these boys would make great strides during the season. Well, here is the proof.”
Coach Gomez went on to state the results of the meet, including with it the improvement made by each individual lifter.
“Buddy Santos received the 1st place Medal in the 181lb. class with a total of 1,305lbs., which is an increase of 55lbs. on his total. Buddy won Best Overall Lifter trophy in the heavyweight division.
Joseph Hernandez won the 2nd place medal in the 181lb. class with a total of 1,160lbs., which is an increase of 75lbs. on his total. Gus Puente got 4th place in the 123lb. class with a total of 665lbs., a 45lb. increase for him, Zackery Martinez got 5th place in the 148lb. class with a total of 945lbs., an increase of an awesome 110lbs. in his total. Wow!
Devin Ornelas got 6th place in the 181lb. class with a total of 1,065lbs., an increase of 60lbs. Joel Hernandez got 6th place in the 275lb. class with a total of 1,005lbs., which is an increase of 25lbs., and Darrin Lafferty got 4th place in the Super Heavyweights with a total of 1,095lbs.
Other lifters that had increases in totals but didn’t place in top 6 were: Justin Rozier 40lbs., Danny Guillen 50lbs., Jacob Guajardo 10lbs., Evan Priest 75lbs., Aaron Rivera 85lbs., and Logan Camarillo 10lbs. Positive increases will continue with this Warhorse Team as a result of their great work ethic and dedication.”
Complete results (lifter-place-division-squat-bench-deadlift-total)
Gus Puente-4th-123-245-135-285-665 Zachery Martinez-5th-148-365-210-370-945 Justin Rozier-14th-148-280-150-315-745 Jacob Guajardo-14th-165-320-215-335-870 Danny Guillen-16th-345-165-345-855 Buddy Santos-1st-181-510-270-525-1,305 Joseph Hernandez-181-450-210-500-1,160 Devin Ornales-6th-181-405-300-360-1,065 Evan Priest-10th-198-405-200-420-1,025 Aaron Rivera-8th-220-405-290-410-1,105 Isaiah Romero-14th-242-325-200-330-855 Logan Camarillo-15th-242-310-225-305-840 Joel Hernandez-6th-360-240-405-1,005 Rudy Rodriguez-8th-275-295-205-355-855 Darrin Lafferty-4th-SHW-415-275-405-1,095.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer