Warhorse and Arabian XC get first meet under their belt

Devine’s Warhorse and Arabian Cross Country teams ran in their first meet of the 2020 season last Saturday in Natalia. The JV boys won their division, beating second place Jourdanton 34 to 62. The varsity boys placed second with 50 points, just behind team champion Hondo who scored 28 points.
Devine Head Coach Hannah Thompson commented, “Varsity and JV girls didn’t have enough to make a team, but all of the girls placed. Everyone’s times improved by dropping a minute to two minutes off their old times.”
Team rankings
Varsity boys: 1st Hondo 28, 2nd Devine 50, 3rd Natalia 56, 4th Pleasanton 105, 5th Jourdanton 145.
Varsity girls: 1st Pleasanton 22, 2nd Jourdanton 100, Hondo 106, 4th Natalia 142.
JV boys: 1st Devine 34, 2nd Jourdanton 62.
JV girls: 1st Hondo 52, 2nd Pleasanton 53
Warhorse individual
Varsity: 3rd Xavier Garza 17:20, 7th Rylan Mata, 9th Isiah Morin, 11th Thomas Mendoza, 20th Marcus Espinosa, 22nd Christopher Ortiz, 23rd Kristofer Aguirre.
JV: 2nd Arturo Diaz, 5th Jason Sanidad, 7th Enrique Midobouche, 8th Chris Sanidad, 12th Owen Fowler.
Arabian individual
Varsity: 12th Yessika Garza, 14th Rebecca Mares, 17th Audrey Longoria.
JV: 1st Katelyn Joslin, 3rd Emiley Mares, 6th Trinity Black, 9th Allison Dugosh.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer