War paint

So my horse, named Chili Dog, decided to get hung up on something and sliced his foot pretty good, requiring a trip to the vet and lots of bandaging for awhile.
I also got some new fly repellent medicine for Chili Dog. To my surprise it was hot pink in color, and it ended up looking pretty funny after I had applied it all over his face….like Indian war paint style. My daughter walked over and laughed, and before I knew it, she had picked up a pink piece of sidewalk chalk and put it all over her baby brother’s forehead too. He quickly fought back, swiping his hand across that chalk and shared some with her–wiping it all over sissy’s face in a haphazard fashion as well.
I shrugged when I saw the mess my two little Indians had made. But she pranced over proudly and insisted on taking a picture with Chili Dog, and all of them dressed up in their “war paint.”
I was boiling in the heat after replacing the bandage on the horse’s foot for twenty minutes.
I couldn’t help but laugh when I walked in to wash my face in the bathroom sink–and saw that my face was pink as could be too–not from fly repellent or chalk–but just because I was so dang worn out and hot.
So there we were 3 little Indians and an Indian War horse…..You should have seen my husband’s face when we all walked in. He didn’t know what to think.