Varsity Mustangs finish 2nd at 3rd annual meet

The Natalia Mustang Powerlifting got off to a strong start with a 2nd place team trophy at their 3rd annual Natalia Meet last Saturday. The boys in blue showed a lot of promise early, as they coasted to a 2nd place finish with 44 team points being edged out by Medina Valley who finished on top with 57 team points. Other teams who competed included Center Point (25), Poteet (23), Hondo (7) and Lytle (3).
“Overall, everyone competed very well in the season opener and we are excited about what the future holds,” Coach Tyler Seiler.

Complete boys’ results.

Natalia was led by Adrian Vasquez (165 lb. Weight class) and Paul Billalobos (275 lb. Weight class) who both were able to finish with 1st place finishes.
Adrian was able to finish with a 1,095 lb. Total, courtesy of a 465 lb. Squat, a 225 lb. Bench press and a 405 lb. Dead lift.
In the 275 lb. Wc, Billalobos finished with a 1,315 lb. Total which included a 565 lb. Squat, a 305 lb. bench press and a 445 lb. Dead lift.
Here is a look at other Mustangs who finished in the top three of their respective weight classes:
123 lb. Wc: Donovan Hawkins-2nd place 345 lb. squat, 160 lb. bench press, 305 lb. dead lift-810 lb. Total.
165 lb. Wc: Elijah Banda-3rd place 395 lb. Squat, 225 lb. bench press, 315 lb. dead lift-935 lb. Total.
198 lb. Wc: Jacob Navarro-3rd place 445 lb. Squat, 210 lb. Bench press, 360 lb. Dead lift-1,015lb. Total.
220 lb. Wc: Michael Martinez-2nd place 550 lb. Squat, 280 lb. Bench press, 445 lb. Dead lift-1,275 lb. Total; Jeremiah Gomez-3rd place 405 lb. Squat, 255 lb. Bench press, 445 lb. Dead lift-1,105 lb. Total.
242 lb. Wc: Uriel Arellano-2nd place 500 lb. Squat, 415 lb. Bench press, 445 lb. Dead lift-1,360 lb. Total; Dustin Soto-3rd place 435 lb. Squat, 270 lb. Bench press, 445 lb. Dead lift-1,150 lb. Total.
Other Mustangs who competed and placed included: Wyatt Owens-3rd place 132 lb.Wc, Noah Gilkey-4th place 132 lb. Wc, Marco Morales-5th place 148 lb. Wc, Chris Saldana-5th place 148 lb. Wc, Roberto Hernandez-7th place 148 lb. Wc, Landon McDole-7th place 165 lb. Wc, Fabian Ruiz-4th place 181 lb. Wc, Isaac Rios-5th place 181 lb. Wc, Sean Sanchez-6th place 198 lb. Wc, Isaiah Sanchez-4th place 242 lb. Wc, Diego Hernandez-6th place 242 lb. Wc.
The Natalia Mustangs will be back in action Thursday, January 16th at Texas Strength Systems in San Antonio at 5:30 p.m.
By Eric Smith
Staff Writer