Uvalde Hospital is a hub getting 900+ vaccines pretty regularly, locals suggest using hubs

Vaccine is still very limited in our Medina County. This local week’s first round allocations are going to HEB in Hondo (200 doses) and Medina Regional Hospital (200 doses), but Medina Regional is still working through first responder vaccinations. So local officials say the hubs are still the best way to get vaccinated and the closest being in Uvalde and Bexar County.
The Health Unit did not receive its second round of doses and are calling those individuals to notify them. Medina Regional Hospital in coordination with the Health Unit is continuing to request to be a hub location and will provide updates if they get approved.
“Uvalde Memorial Hospital is getting 975 Pfizer vaccines pretty consistently for the past few weeks because they are a hub. So that is going to be the fastest way to get vaccinated,” said Trish Mechler, Medina County Health Unit. “People need to know that they can go outside the county. They are not going to turn you away because you are a Medina County resident. Our local hospital is working to become a hub too, but until that happens it’s best to go to San Antonio or Uvalde which are already considered vaccine hubs. I suggest that you login or call on Monday morning and try to jump in there and get a spot. By the end of the week, the slots probably fill up.”

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The Medina County Health Unit has only gotten one small allocation, and is still awaiting the second round vaccine for those people who were vaccinated by the county. They also have a huge waiting list of Medina County residents who signed up while they were still taking a list. They are no longer taking people on their waiting list as they have no idea if and when they will get another allotment.
“For those who did get your first round vaccination from us, know that the CDC has extended the time frame to get the second dose. We are still waiting on our second doses to come in this week, and haven’t received word on if and when they will come in. I know second round doses were delayed in SA, so the same thing might happen here. But if you can get a second round dose at another location sooner, by all means do so. It will need to be the same brand of vaccine, but it does not have to come from the same location. They usually have a waiting list for anyone seeking first round or second round doses.”
Sign up at the Hubs
You can sign up online and the closest hubs are in Uvalde and San Antonio: Uvalde Memorial Hospital, 830-407-8022 http://www.umhtx.org/patient/covid-10-update/ or University Health System in SA, 210-644-1960 www.WeCanDoitSA.com. or UT SA Health Wellness 360 https://wellness360.uthealthsa.org/ or San Antonio Metro Health District, 210-207-6000 Option 8.
By Kayleen Holder