Uptick in active Covid-19 cases; vaccinations available in Devine daily

Covid cases are in an uptick again, but the good news is that everyone 12 and over can easily get a vaccine, even right here in Devine. No appointments are necessary–just walk in at Crawford Pharmacy (in the old Conoly Drug building).
The local urgent care reported that they are seeing an influx of positive cases locally, and running out of tests again due to the increase in demand once again.
The following is an update provided by Medina County Health Unit Director-Trish Mechler BSN, RN:
Active COVID-19 cases are at 45 today. Most cases of COVID infections are among those who are unvaccinated and more common among the 20’s to 60’s age groups. The recommendation for those who are not fully vaccinated is to continue to take precautions to protect themselves and others in public, such as wearing a mask. Progress toward vaccinating more people is ongoing and challenging at this point. We have the vaccine that can prevent severe illness and hospitalization, but we are moving slowly with 46% of our local communities fully vaccinated.
Help spread the word and encourage others so we can put COVID behind us. Think of COVID vaccine as a community effort similar to what we do when we have bad storms or floods, we help our neighbors rebuild and repair. COVID is a storm that not everyone wants to see but it has left a path of destruction. We can’t rebuild until we can stop the rain. We have it in our ability to help each other and that’s the good news.
Medina County Health Unit COVID-19 Vaccine Opportunities:
The Medina County Health Unit is taking walk-ins Monday-Thursday, 7:30am-11:00am and 1:00pm-5:30pm. We will see age 12-17 by appointment on Thursdays since we order Pfizer doses as we have a demand for it. Anyone who wants to get vaccinated but can’t get to us during our walk- in hours should call the Health Unit to schedule a convenient time. We will continue to see home bound people that are still in need of the vaccine, call our office if you need for us to come to you.

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COVID-19 vaccine available: the two-dose Pfizer vaccine for ages 12 and older; the two-dose Moderna vaccine for ages 18 and older; and the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine for ages 18 and older.
Parents of 7th Graders: Summer will soon be over and we know how busy you are. This is a reminder that 7th grade students need meningitis and tetanus vaccinations for back to school. It is safe to receive the COVID vaccine at the same time as other routine vaccines. Don’t wait until the end of summer to get in to see your doctor, make your appointment now.
Texas has a current rate of 51.42% of people that are fully vaccinated for age 12 and older. Medina County currently has 46.05% fully vaccinated. A total of 258 more people are fully vaccinated this week from last week.
Medina County COVID-19 Vaccine Data as of 7/19/2021 (change from 7/12)
People vaccinated with at least one dose: 22,922 (up from 22,560)
People fully vaccinated: 20,304 (up from 20,046)
People 12 years of age and older: 44,092
Estimated coverage: (Percentage of people 12 years of age who are fully vaccinated) 46.05% (up from 45.46%)
Percentage of population 12+ Vaccinated with at least one dose: 51.99% (up from 51.17%)
Percentage of population 12+ Fully Vaccinated: 46.05% (up from 45.46%)
Percentage of population 65+ Vaccinated with at least one dose: 74.45% (up from 74.24%)
Percentage of population 65+ Fully vaccinated: 69.03% (up from 68.71%)
Vaccinations in School-age children
There are 2,829 Medina County children in the 12-15 year old age range. Of those 2,829, at least 555 have had 1 dose of the vaccine, and 353 are fully vaccinated (about 12% in that age range which is a searchable stat).
Vaccines are still not available to families of children under 12 years old.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Crawford Pharmacy in Devine has the Pfizer vaccine for anyone 12 and older. You do not need an appointment; you can just walk in and get it.