Two stolen vehicles

It was the week before Christmas and all around town the cops were buzzing around. Our officers handled 54 calls for service last week and conducted 89 traffic stops. Citations were issued to 56, while 33 received warnings (either verbal or written). This time of year we focus on high visibility, which results in lots of stops and lots of business checks. Rest assured we are working hard to keep the crooks out.
Most all of our crime this past week was reported on Monday. That included two stolen vehicles. A 2002 Dodge Dakota (taken off of Creek St.) and a 1997 GMC P/U (taken only a short distance from the other one on the IH-35 access road). Yes, our car thieves aren’t real picky. They don’t mind stealing an older, used car. Like my dad would tell me “You don’t need a fancy new car, a good used one will get you where you are going.” To make Monday even weirder both of these vehicles were recovered by the Medina Co. Sheriff’s Office later in the day. As a bonus they even recovered the 2017 Nissan Versa that was taken on Dec. 10th! The only other property crime report we took was for a shoplifter at the Dollar General, and it had actually occurred a few days earlier. The guy pushed out a cart with some dog food, beer & drain cleaner!
We didn’t take anybody to jail this past week, we did get a few warrants on people though. I can’t imagine what it would be like spending Christmas in jail, but after having my wife’s family at the house for the last few day I might be willing to give it a try.
Our officers worked with the Lytle Chamber of Commerce and their Blue Santa program to deliver gifts. They started on Friday evening and finished up on Saturday. I think they hit about 32 houses! Thanks to Lt. Dear, Cpl. Robison, Ofc. Lopez and Ofc. Torres for making it happen.