I hold you

When Baby Tucker wants me to pick him up, he walks up to me and stretches his little arms up, and instead of crying, he says “I hold you.” It is so adorable.
Who could resist that? I just wish I could get him saying it on video camera, so I could hear that little voice forever, but every time I turn on the video camera he stops doing whatever he is doing and turns into a monster. All he can think about it getting a hold of it. Our Christmas morning video should be interesting. I would set it up in the perfect spot to show the kiddos opening their gifts, and then suddenly like a ninja Tucker would dart across the room and dive for the camera, shaking it up real good. It will probably look like there were a dozen earthquakes at our home Christmas morning.
Our house is starting to look and SOUND like a zoo with all the Christmas gifts. Baby Tucker got two barking dogs (very persistent and loud), a bucket of 25 rubber duckies (what was I thinking?), a wild remote control car, and a big ride-on horsie with wheels. A’Dell’s big gift was daddy’s idea…. a big balance beam so she can learn gymnastics.
Now if only I could get baby brother to stop trying to practice his gymnastics too! He’s a wild one, and always wants to climb onto anything. Although, last time we went outside, he spent most of his time trying to unscrew the bolts which led to a lot of whining from big sister, afraid that he was going to un-balance her all together.
Grandma Holder came over with a gift that is right up baby brother’s alley, a Whack-a-Frog game that comes with two rubber hammers. You are supposed to whack the frogs when they light up, but Tucker whacks them all. Rambunctious little Tucker is a wild man, and he loves whacking those froggies, I’ll promise you. But when he gets bored, or a little sleepy, he turns into the sweetest little mama’s boy again. He gives the biggest hugs a little boy could give, and when he pulls that “I hold you” line, my heart just melts.
You can “hold me” anytime Tucky! Anytime!