We decided to take on the task of giving the puppies a bath this weekend. Something I’ve put off for a couple weeks, for a good reason indeed. Long story short, the rowdy puppies got a bath, and they gave me a bath too!
Brother made sure that big sister got her bath too, walking up behind her with a water hose at full blast. I guess every little brother has to squirt his sister with a water hose at some time or another. Being mischievous is like a requirement of being a sibling, so I’d expect this to happen once or twice, or more like twenty thousand times (in the case of a little brother like Tucker-as he’s got a little extra “brotherliness” in him).
Hey at least, it was plenty hot outside, we should be grateful for that.
We had an impromptu picnic outside with Aunt Bobbie last week. Tucker told her all kinds of wild stories. She hardly got a word in edge-wise. Before we left, I asked her “Have you ever seen a child this hyper?” She replied with something like, “No dear, I thought my kids had a lot of energy, but he beats all.”
And she is a retired school teacher, who’s taught hundreds of kids, so I know I’ve certainly got my hands full. If you are ever wondering why I am a little bit frazzled and crazy sometimes (or all the time lately), I’ve got one word for you. Tucker. He’s a whole lot of love, a whole lot of giggles and fun, and a whole heck of a lot of energy.
My brother-in-law took him for a walk around the ranch one day and when he came back he laughed and said that Tucker had certainly “tuckered him out”! I always thought that was a good one. I only get tuckered on days that end in Y.